Black Friday 2019 Special: Paradox Store

By Joe Robinson 29 Nov 2019 0

Because we’re also affiliated with the Paradox Store, we thought we’d take a look at what they are doing for Black Friday this year as well. Remember, if you buy from the store we get a bit of commission, but you also get a Steam key (and some Paradox games even have Steam-free versions now).

Also, none of the Paradox deals we’ve seen so far are any better than what’s on steam, so once again it's a question of where you decide to spend your money. This sale runs until 9am UTC on Monday, 2nd December.

Here’s a quick round- up on some of the more interesting deals:

BattleTech - 66% Off

As we mentioned in our Humble Sale round-up, BattleTech is in a really good place right now. Between 18 months of free updates and three really solid DLCs, now’s a great time to jump into this turn-based tactical mech game.

If you’ve yet to jump into the game at all, we recommend getting the base game from Paradox (as they’ll keep all the money instead of having to pay a cut to Steam, or Humble) and then go back to Humble and get the Season Pass from there, as it’s running the better discount (33% on Humble vs. 25% on the Paradox Store).

However, if you’ve already bought either Flashpoint or Urban Warfare, then both are running 50% individual discounts, which is the same as what’s on Humble and Steam itself. Heavy Metal is still full price.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall - 33% Off

This is the best discount to date for the relatively recent 4X strategy game. Triumph did a great job making their classic fantasy series work within a science fiction setting, and the star of the show is definitely the world map. It’s recently just had it’s first DLC pack - Revelations - which is a modest pack that adds a new race and some other game mechanics.

Imperator: Rome - 33% Off

Between the 1.2 ‘Cicero’ update that launched a couple of months ago, to the 1.3 ‘Livy’ Update due out next week, Imperator: Rome is actually in a pretty good state right now. It’s still not perfect, but it’s now at a state that we’d have perhaps wished for it when it launched back in April. A third off is a good deal for what still has the potential to be one of the best grand-strategy games to date.

Grand Strategy DLC

All of the grand-strategy games are running sales on all of their DLC, since there hasn’t been a new release for any of them recently. If you’re looking to round-off your collection, we’ve got specific guides for you to help with that:

Most of the sale page is taken up with DLC and add-ons for what is secretly a fairly modest games catalogue for Paradox. If you want something specific, it’d be best to search for it but there’s plenty more on sale. Surviving Mars base game is under $10, Cities: Skylines and all of its DLCs are discounted to various degrees, and there’s plenty of back-catalogue stuff as well.

Let us know if you pick anything up!



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