Celebrate (Mid)Summer with another Paradox Sale!

By Joe Robinson 21 Jun 2019 0

Oh hey there, disposable income. How are you? It’s been a while since we’ve caught up. Do you fancy going out for a mean or... oh, no. Nevermind, there’s a Paradox Sale. You may have heard the rumours that the Steam Summer Sale is coming next week, but now you’ve got the Paradox Midsummer Sale to contend with right now. Managing money is swiftly turning into a marathon, not a sprint!

Running from today (well, yesterday, technically) through to 5pm CEST on June 27th, Paradox are running a special sales event on their own store. We've seen discounts range from 20% - 75%, although there may be some outliers.

Some things worth noting:

  • Europa Universalis IV’s most recent DLC, Golden Century, is 50% off.
  • Crusader Kings II’s most recent DLC, Holy Fury, is 33% off.
  • Neither Stellaris' nor Hearts of Iron 4's most recent DLC's are part of the sale. Everything else is though.
  • BattleTech is 66% off, the Flashpoint DLC is 25% off, but Urban Warfare is still fill price.

And there’s a whole host more sales, spread over 16 pages. By the looks of things they’re sorted in the order they were originally released, with the newer stuff first, and the older stuff on the back pages.

Don’t forget, even though Paradox are pushing their own store with their own game launcher these days, anything you buy through them will net you a steam key anyway (in fact, most things are still only on Steam, with only a few of the newer releases also getting a Steam-free version).

Also keep in mind that Strategy Gamer is now a Paradox Store affiliate, so if you do buy something you’ll be netting us a small bit of commission.

Enjoy your weekends!



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