PDXCon is this week, and Paradox are celebrating with a sale on everything

By Joe Robinson 14 Oct 2019 0

As we mentioned in last week’s news round-up, Paradox’s annual fan convention is at the end of this week. A press day is being held Friday, with the main events programme spread across Saturday and Sunday.

We’re expecting a number of exciting announcements this year, so expect a lot of news and things to emerge at the weekend. If you don’t feel you can wait, however, why not start the celebration now?

From now until October 10am CET on October 21st, Paradox are holding a sales event on their direct Paradox Store, where as far as we can tell every single item available to buy via that platform is on sale. Paradox have published a lot over the years, so it might not be literally "everything", but there’s still a lot of things being discounted up to 75%.

Here are just some top-line examples:

  • Imperator Rome, which has gotten so much better with the 1.2 Patch, is 33% off.
  • Age of Wonders: Planetfall (which is getting an expansion announcement) is 10% off
  • It seems most older DLC for the grand-strategy games is at least half price.
  • On a whim I went all the way to Page 16 and there’s a bunch of older games there, like Victoria 2, for 75% off.

One thing to remember when buying from the Paradox Store is that while the company has started offering their own Steam-free client for new games, a lot of their stuff from the past half-decade or so is also on Steam as well, and buying via Paradox can net you a free steam key anyway, so you don’t have to worry about missing out.

Let us know if you end up picking anything up, otherwise keep an eye on the end of the week for exciting news and announcements!

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