A Peaky Blinders tactics game is coming out this summer

By Sean Martin 24 Apr 2020 0

Curve Digital have announced a Peaky Blinder's game involving show creator, Steven Knight, set to release this summer. Tactics-based crime games are going through somewhat of resurgence lately, with both Empire of Sin and Company of Crime on the horizon. Peaky Blinders: Mastermind seems to be following suit, as a real-time tactics game.

Set before the events of the first series, Mastermind will focus around just that - as Tommy Shelby you will *mastermind* schemes and criminal capers, using each member of your family, and their special abilities to accomplish each mission. Those characters will include all your favourites from the show, such as Tommy, Arthur, Polly, John, Ada, and even that little kid, Finn.

Their abilities will range from distraction, to threats, to pickpocketing, or if you're Arthur, violent actions like brawling or kicking down doors. Though the description for the game is puzzle adventure, as far as we can see, it's going to play like a tactics game.

But Peaky Blinders is the perfect material for that genre, with distinctive characters who can all bring their own particular approach to each level.

In your travels around Birmingham you can also expect to see a variety of familiar places from the show, including everyone's favourite local, The Garrison, and Charlie's Scrapyard. Another mechanic to take note of is the ability to rewind time, reflecting Tommy's devilish ability to orchestrate complex schemes. Every character's actions will be logged on a timeline, allowing you to backtrack if something doesn't go according to plan.

From what we've seen, it seems like a lot of the strategy will involve breaking line-of-sight, or distracting guards to allow other family members to pass. There isn't a release date currently, but if you want to know more, you can check out the Peaky Blinders: Mastermind Steam page.





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