Petroglyph’s Forged Battalion gets its first supply drop

By Joe Robinson 08 Mar 2018 0

Petroglyph are currently working on a new RTS they hope will capture the traditional spirit of a genre that’s been left behind the wake of MOBA’s and eSports.

Forged Battalion, which we’ve already taken a look at, is off to an ok start and is learning from the mistakes of the past. It’s just had its first major content update that adds new features and a bunch of needed fixes.
The headline changes include:

  • Tier 4 attachments and mods for infantry, vehicles and buildings are now available for unlock.
  • Added 5 brand new campaign missions – take the battle for freedom to Europe as you go on the offensive against The Collective.
  • Balance tweaks – We’re looking at you, artillery!
  • Fixes and content – Squishing bugs and adding some polish to the UI!

Balancing tweaks include making the AI more intelligent, changes to Artillery and base damage increases to a few weapons. Bug fixes target a wide range of areas, so you should check out the full patch notes for more detail.

Forged Battalion is currently in Steam Early Access and can be bought for£15.49 / $19.99. It’s due to release Version 1.0 towards the end of Summer.



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