Phoenix Point’s second backer build drops today, and you can play it right now

By Joe Robinson 03 Jul 2018 0

Even though Julian Gollop’s X-COM successor Phoenix Point has been pushed back to 2019, those lucky enough to possess a spare $50 or more can still jump into the game right now.

Anyone who buys the ‘Luxury Digital Edition’ or higher gets early access to the game, and developer Snapshot Games have released their second backer build today.

This new version will include a fourth class, the Technician, as well as the game’s first drivable vehicle – The Armadillo APC:

The Armadillo has a large movement range and can drive cleanly through most obstacles. It's a large unit though, measuring 3x3 tiles - so there are some places it cannot reach!

Armed with a roof mounted turret, the Armadillo is capable of taking targets down at range. While lacking the armor shredding capability of the Heavy's LMG, it still packs a punch and has unlimited ammo.

The Technician is armed with an Assault Rifle, grenades and has robotic mech arms which can be used to heal squad members, fix mechanical objects as well as poke enemies in the face.

The full breakdown of what’s in the build will be sent out to backers and posted on the official forums, but you can read the rest of the summary here.


If you’re unsure as to whether driveable vehicles are enough to warrant pre-purchasing the game, a Facebook ad doing the rounds is sharing a discount code you can use to get 15% off any version of the game that includes early access, which will be the $50 Luxury Digital Edition or above.

At the checkout, use the code ‘LUX15’ to get the discount. We’ll be trying out the new build ourselves, so we’ll report back sometime next week hopefully.



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