Phoenix Point’s ‘Legacy of the Ancients’ DLC Releases Today

By Joe Robinson 26 Aug 2020 0

Julian Gollop and his studio Snapshot Games are still plugging away at development on their X-COM successor Phoenix Point, which was released last December. Since then it’s received patches at a fairly regular rate, as well as a piece of DLC in March.

Today that game has received its second piece of DLC: Legacy of the Ancients. This expansion adds new content themed around a lost civilization that predates Human civilization on earth, with new missions, maps and gear. The full summary is as follows:

  • NEW Story Missions and Cinematics
  • NEW Procedural Missions and Mission Types
  • NEW Enemies and Pandoran Evolutions
  • NEW Maps, Biomes, and Environments
  • NEW Points of Interest and Means of Exploration
  • NEW Resources and Ways of Obtaining Them
  • NEW Research and Technologies
  • NEW Weapons and Equipment

This update is also releasing with Patch 1.7 ‘Necronomicon’, which along with a wave of new bug fixes and tweaks comes with the following key changes:


  • Pandoran Evolution
    • Increased the speed at which Pandorans evolve
    • Increased the stats of most Pandoran enemies, especially the melee ones
  • Recruits
    • Increased the resources cost of higher level recruits
  • Havens
    • Slightly reduced the rate of starvation
    • Reduced the frequency of Haven attacks


  • Skill points awarded after missions are adjusted based on difficulty
  • Abilities
    • Strongman personal skill’s damage and accuracy is decreased from 30% to 20%. Increased the Perception reduction to 20 from 10
    • Increased War Cry’s AP cost from 0 to 1
  • Weapons
    • Slightly decreased the accuracy of Pythagoras VII
    • Decreased the accuracy of Shotgun weapons

There’s a third DLC planned to drop before the end of the year, called Festering Skies, along with the ‘Arkham’ Patch sometime next month. Phoenix Point’s exclusivity deal with the Epic Games Store should also be up in December, so hopefully a Steam launch will also be coming around then as well.

Are you still playing Phoenix Point? How are you finding it? Let us know in the comments!



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