All Clear: Forum Migration Finished

By Admin 13 Feb 2018 2

The server migration has finished, thank you for your patience.

This is just a quick announcement to let you know that we shall be performing a server migration today in the afternoon. Likely time will be just after 3pm GMT, although we want to make sure this is done is as smoothly as possible so we’re not going to rush anything.

During this migration:

  • Forum sign-ups will be disabled.
  • Commenting on the forum, and thus on articles, will also be disabled.

You may still see the comment box on articles via the main site, and the submit button may still technically work, but trust us you don’t want to try. You’re dooming that comment to eternal oblivion and damnation and we don’t think it deserves such a cruel fate.

There are no changes happening at this time, this is just part of the handover that’s come as a result of the super-exciting news we shared with you yesterday.

I’d say you can come talk to me if you have any questions, but I don’t really know anything about server migrations. We could chat about videogames instead, if you’d like?

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