Relive your Brexit/Trumpian nightmares with new grand-strategy political sim Realpolitiks 2

By Joe Robinson 05 Mar 2020 0

Realpolitiks is a more ‘serious’ grand-strategy political simulator that was released back in 2017. We didn’t cover it at the time and while it has suffered from technical issues and set-backs, it’s also a pretty interesting sandbox with which to live out your modern-era power fantasies.

Publisher 1C Entertainment has revealed to Strategy Gamer that they are coming back with a sequel in the form of Realpolitiks II, due to be released in Fall 2020. 

The new game will feature a new economics system as well as a new combat interface that offers players more control when engaged in warfare. Here’s a quick (if slightly grim) announcement trailer:

And here’s a more comprehensive list of headline features taken from the Press Release:

  • 216 contemporary nations to choose to play as (including Sealand & Kiribati)
  • New Modern Warfare - A brand-new combat system enables full control of your units on the battlefield while taking into account strategic advantages such as the weather, terrain, equipment, and a whole lot more.
  • Expanded Management System - Create a communist utopia, a completely free market nation, or become a tyrant overseeing your citizens’ every step. With over 1000 projects and technologies to choose from, you decide the path to greatness.
  • Improved Diplomacy - Engage in advanced negotiations to establish new trade routes or military access to neighboring regions. With a completely reworked AI, and new Favor and Investment systems that allow you to influence other countries - diplomacy becomes a crucial tool once again, especially as other leaders will prove hard negotiators.
  • Advanced Espionage - Conduct clandestine actions with your spies, steal breakthrough technologies to further increase your military power, and invent new ways of mass destruction. Dominate your foes from the shadows.
  • New and Unpredictable Events - Over 1000 new events ranging from minor provincial issues to a world-threatening meteor strike. Be wary of the ever-changing world as each playthrough will be completely different.
  • Growth By Infrastructure - Buildings are a major part of your campaign as they enable you to recruit more units, train your spies and generals faster, defend against rocket attacks, or increase the supply range to your armies.
  • Mod Support - Use a plethora of in-game tools to create your very own campaigns, scenarios, units, and nations.

We asked them about the game's ability to model events such as Brexit, or even the current Coronavirus outbreak. They mentioned things like these were indeed possible, although they needed to be balanced so as not to completely derail a player’s game against their will:

"Realpolitiks 2 is a vastly improved and expanded game, and it will closely resemble the troubles that our governments have to tackle each and every day, so we believe that our players will enjoy the political experience that we are about to offer."

We’re running this story ahead of the formal announcement in a couple of hours, so we’ll update the copy with any additional info when the time comes. Realpolitiks 2 will be released on PC in Fall 2020.



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