Reinforcements Are Coming to Battlestar Galactica Deadlock

By Joe Robinson 30 Nov 2017 0

Battlestar Galactica Deadlock may have not received widespread press coverage when it launched, but it mightily impressed us and is officially the best BSG game around. Thankfully, not only has it done so well as to warrant a comprehensive update & fixes plan, it’s also getting some new DLC to boot.


Last night Slitherine announced the Reinforcement Pack for the game, which will expand the Cylon and Colonial ship rosters by two ships apiece. Here are the descriptions from the product page:

  • Berzerk (Colonial) – A pocket-sized Assault Carrier, the Berzerk class carrier brings additional heavy artillery to the Colonial ranks and is an effective force multiplier in Colonial Fleet strike groups. The carrier is not designed to survive prolonged engagements by itself. However, when attached to a Battlestar fleet or strike group, it provides powerful complementary firepower and squadron support.
  • Janus (Colonial) – A Heavy Cruiser, with high staying power and heavy armor plating. A really tough ship for heavy firepower battles. The Janus heavy cruiser is an old Gemenese ship, made popular during the later stages of the imperial wars between Virgon and Leonis. Heavy armor playing provides it with enough staying power to remain relevant in modern warfare, although its older fire control systems are considered outdated compared to more modern cruisers.
  • Phobos (Cylon) – A High Impact Tech Cruiser specialized in Hacking; it possesses the unique ability to perform high-accuracy, short-range Tactical FTL Jumps mid-battle! The Phobos-class tech cruiser has highly sophisticated DRADIS systems integrated into its FTL drives, allowing it to make tactical-range jumps while engaged with the enemy. An array of missile tubes, a forward-facing hangar and a powerful electronic warfare suite rounds out this high threat cruiser.
  • Cerastes (Cylon) – A Defensive Gunship, this small and fast vessel was created as a response to the rapid escalation of Colonial Viper design. The Cerastes is fitted with high RoF point-defence turrets similar to those found on the flightpods of Battlestars, and specialises in softening hostile fighter squadrons.

While the meta has changed significantly since our two-part tactics guide, Fighters are still pretty impactful, and Colonial Vipers more so. There’s not been a dedicated anti-fighter class so far, but if anyone should get it first it should probably be the cylons.

The Phobos will be an interesting ship to play around with as it is capable of micro-FTL jumps during a battle. It specialises in hacking much like the Nemesis, and I can see this being a staple of many Cylon fleets going forward.

The Colonial ships are less interesting in that they don’t seem to serve a specific function, but more variety is never a bad thing and the heavily armoured Janus may come in handy to help shore up weak spots in the battle line.


Apart from new ships, Mines are also being included as part of the update, of which they’ll be three types. These new static obstacles will help commanders try and control the battlefield somewhat, although they can be destroyed by Flak. Raptors, Sweepers and Wardrivers will also be given a new ‘Disarm’ ability to allow for some more pro-active counter-play.

The Reinforcement Pack is due out on December 8th along with the free Firepower update, as well as the PS4 & Xbox One versions of the game.


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