Rimworld Patch 1.2 is out and nobody told us

By Joe Robinson 25 Aug 2020 0

We’re big fans of Rimworld here at Strategy Gamer; when the game finally released out of Early Access we enjoyed giving it our formal review, when the 1.1 Patch and Royalty expansion released, we enjoyed writing about it some more. We even whipped up a Rimworld mods guide, because we just can’t get enough of it.

So you can imagine how dismayed we were when we found out that Rimworld Patch 1.2 released on August 10th, just over two weeks ago and we didn't notice. Editor Joe has been taken out back and shot for his negligence, even though he was on holiday. (what?-ED).

Rimworld Patch 1.2 is a hilariously large update. Scrolling through the patch notes makes it difficult to pick out even just a handful of threads to convey here. It’s worth noting there’s new content for both the base game and the Royalty expansion.

Tynan himself has thrown up a 30-minute Youtube video that goes over many of the changes, if you want to watch:

The headline feature is the inclusion of what are essentially custom game rules. Mr. Sylvester called it the ‘Custom Playstyle’ system, but essentially he’s included a bunch of game setup sliders that lets you control everything from Colonist insta-kill chance, to crop yield and more, to give a more tailored experience. Utility items are also now officially a ‘thing’, and there’s been further QoL addition such as automatic caravan set-up and new visual effects.

The Royalty 1.2 changes mainly involve new Quests, gear and changes to various Psycast abilities.

There’s a lot to unpack here, but it all seems really cool. Changes made during the 1.1 Patch means that save files should generally be compatible with the new patch, as well as Mods. In case there are any issues though, you can switch back to Patch 1.1 with the 'version-1.1.2654' beta branch that’s available.

How have you found the new RimWorld 1.2 content so far? Let us know in the comments!



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