Rimworld hits Version 1.0 this month

By Joe Robinson 08 Oct 2018 0

After five-and-a-half years of development, gritty survival sim Rimworld is finally going to hit version 1.0. It seems not so long ago we got Beta 19, but developer Ludeon Studios are finally ready to press that “finished” button and end one of Early Access’ greatest success stories.

There’s not actually going to be much difference between Beta 19 and Version 1.0, apart from a new food restriction system – it’s mostly about bug-fixing and getting rid of all that EA clutter. Anyone who plays the game with mods should follow the instructions in this post to avoid any problems, although un-modded players can keep their Beta 18 & 19 saves running as normal.

You’ve got until October 17th to enjoy the game in its current form – our Essential Rimworld Mods Guide was updated for the most recent build, but of course that’ll be rendered obsolete when the update hits so enjoy it while you can.

We’re planning on doing a formal ‘review’ of the game when it hits release, and once the modders have been given a chance to catch up we’ll make sure our mods guide is up to date as well.

As things stand, lead developer Tynan Sylvester is not sure what he’s going to do next – he’s committed to maintaining community content and bug-fixing, but despite having ideas of where he could take the game next he’s not committing to anything just yet.

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