RimWorld goes Game of Thrones (In Spaccceee) with new ‘Royalty’ expansion

By Joe Robinson 24 Feb 2020 0

RimWorld, one of our favourite not-quite-a-strategy-game games has not only received a new free update, but also a pretty sizable expansion. RimWorld: Royalty adds support for ‘Titles’, such as Count or Duke, but also dynamic quest generation, psychic powers and new ‘mech clusters’ that present a more dangerous tactical challenge. Here’s the trailer:

At $19.99 it is a tad pricey for what it is, being 2/3rds of the cost of the base game, but it does seem to shift the vanilla experience onto an entirely different track. There’s plenty of other content included as well, but we’ll need to get our hands on it first to see how much value for money you get.

In addition to this expansion, there’s also been a free 1.1 Update. You can read the full change-log here, but there’s been a lot of support for modders and modding in general, as well as plenty of fixes, and some new content additions and mechanics.

Don’t forget to check out our RimWorld Mods guide. It will take time for these mods and the mod scene in general to catch up to Patch 1.1 and Royalty content, but there is a RimWorld 1.0 beta branch you can switch to in the meantime. A lot of the changes in the patch will make supporting mods between patch versions also easier.

RimWorld: Royalty is available now. You can buy it DRM-free with a Steam code direct, or just go straight to Steam.



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