RimWorld is Steam's No.1 Player-Rated Game

By Joe Robinson 07 Jan 2019 0

We like Rimworld here at Strategy Gamer. It came out of Early Access in a really good state and it has an excellent mod scene.

We like Rimworld so much in fact that we’ve even thrown together a list of games like Rimworld, so that we can surrounded ourselves with similar experiences and never need to play other games ever again.

It’s very likely you felt the same way, as developer Tynan Sylvester has recently shared the fact that his seminal Firefly-esque survival management sim is Steam’s No.1 player-reviewed game across all categories.

Here’s the full tweet, along with his sources:

Five years is almost too long for a game to remain in Early Access, but at least RimWorld came out of it’s ‘beta’ phase pretty strong. Nearly a year ago it was reported that the game had sold over a million copies. God knows what that number is now that it’s actually out in the wild.



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