Grand strategy game Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV is coming to the Nintendo Switch, along with its first expansion pack

By Joe Robinson 24 Aug 2020 0

We haven’t covered the Romance of the Three Kingdoms series much here on Strategy Gamer. The most recent release, Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV, released back in February but it slipped by us for review. The ROTK series in general has been bringing us an ‘OTT’ vision of Three Kingdoms-era China long before Creative Assembly decided it would have a go, but the 14th iteration seems to leave much to be desired, especially compared to the series’ high-point - ROTK 11.

Still, a couple of things worth noting regarding this game - come this Winter not only will ROTK 14 be getting its first expansion pack, but it will also be releasing on the Nintendo Switch. The first ROTK game and possibly the first grand strategy game to do so since the handheld console launched in 2017.

A press release in my inbox claims it's the “first ruler-based Romance of The Three Kingdoms game” to launch on the Switch, which makes me feel like I’m missing something, but none-the-less it's a note-worthy event for those of us into our Switch strategy games.

The expansion is titled Diplomacy and Strategy Expansion Pack which, to the surprise of all, involves new content around diplomacy and more strategic options in the game. ‘Eurasian’ empires that existed at the time, such as Rome and India have been included as distant trade-partners and now every province on the map has new geographical traits that enhance the strategic benefits of owning them. There’ll be more border clashes as well as AI armies that belong to foreign neighbouring nations try to exploit the internal fighting in China.

Finally, a new campaign mode called ‘War Chronicles’ will be introduced - these will be shorter scenarios themed around key historical events.

We’re not sure what kind of state ROTK 14 is actually in right now - something to explore maybe, but in the meantime you’ll have to wait until Winter for the new expansion and the Switch release.



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