Scythe: Digital Edition has just launched onto Steam Early Access

By Joe Robinson 13 Jun 2018 0

Asmodee Digital’s adaptation of the iconic Scythe strategy board game is finally available to purchase via Steam Early Access. It costs £15.49 / $19.99, and the EA period is due to last between “two and four months”, with regular updates during this time.

Matt Thrower took the Beta that was released back in April for a spin, and while he found it a bit rough around the edges, he also discovered that this was the perfect way to play what can be a drawn-out experience with lots of moving parts.


It seems Asmodee and developer The Knights of Unity have listened to feedback though, as the initial Early Access build comes with a few tweaks already:

If you've tested the game during the first beta, it's time for you to discover the Medium AI bots, the Undo button and the many other features added since April.

The Early Access build 0.4.1 also includes:

  • The full list of Achievements now available.
  • Saxony Medium AI now able to complete two objectives in a single turn.
  • Fix for the Ammo not distributed to the losing side of a battle after spending 1+ Power or Ammo.
  • Fix for the Authenticating freeze.
  • Fix for the action log not appearing after loading a saved game.
  • Fix for a rare issue with corrupted save-files.
  • Other minor fixes and localization updates.

Future plans are bit vague as it will depend largely on player feedback, but we do know the content from the Invaders from Afar expansion will be made available at launch, as well as Mac support. The price of the full game is also likely to rise.

Asmodee Digital are quickly becoming the kings & queens of digital boardgaming. The firm also recently announced that their Ticket to Ride port will be coming to PlayStation 4 later this year.



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