Scythe: Digital Edition - Early Access release date, development plans and more!

By Joe Robinson 08 May 2018 0

Fresh off the open beta period that finished last week – which we wrote about there – the developers of Scythe’s digital adaptation have spoken about what the development road-map is going to look like over the next few months.

Knights of Unity plan to kick-off the Steam Early Access build by the end of this month, with short-term goals including an ‘undo’ button, better AI and Polish localisation.

The full road-up is laid out in a post on the game’s Steam page:

May update - Early Access launch

  • The much-requested Undo button!
  • More challenging AI (part 1)
  • Tooltips turned on by default
  • A wealth of bugfixes to make the game more enjoyable
  • and more…

Early June update

  • More challenging AI (part 2) + division of the AI into several difficult levels
  • Faster AI animations
  • Ammo replaced by Combat Cards
  • Implementation of the Factory Cards artworks
  • Option to disable the need to confirm actions
  • Option to prevent the Industrial Rusviet combo
  • Localization: Polish language (not a pun)
  • Low priority bugfixes
  • and more…

Early July update

  • Update of the tutorial missions
  • Touchpad support
  • Combat context
  • Support for gifts of coins
  • Traditional progress tracks for Stars, Power and Popularity
  • Camera behavior customization
  • Current score preview
  • Final score screen overhaul
  • Stats available for local games
  • Promo Cards unlocked by completing achievements
  • and more…

Early August update

  • Mac OS support
  • Spectator mode
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Brightness, gamma and contrast settings
  • and more…

No official confirmation of when the game will release yet, although Mac supported is due to be tackled in August’s update. Perhaps the game will release sometime after that?

If any of you are Pocket Tactics readers or generally interested in the game coming to mobile, Stately Play drilled Asmodee about when the portable version might see the light. All they would say is that it’ll be after the release of the PC/Mac version.



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