SEGA publisher sale live on the Humble Store

By Joe Robinson 27 Feb 2019 2

SEGA have launched a publisher sale on their catalogue over at Humble. It’s funny – I started writing about videogames ten years ago, and if you’d told me then that the company that created Sonic would become an understated powerhouse in strategy gaming, I would have laughed. Laughed Out Loud, one might say.

But here we are – between Relic, Creative Assembly, Amplitude and a smattering of other deals and acquisitions, SEGA are a driving force behind some of our favourite strategy games in 2019.

There’s six pages worth of games as part of the sale, so we won’t go through everything. If there’s a game SEGA’s involved with that you’re looking to get on the cheap, it’s worth doing a search to see if it’s in the sale.

In the meantime, here are some of our top picks:

From what we can tell these discounts are competitive with past steam sales, but not the cheapest these titles have ever been, so just bear that in mind. It’ll be a while before the next big sale though so if you’re looking for something new to pick up, these prices are pretty decent.

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