SG Briefing: Pirates and Space Battles

By Marcello Perricone 07 Apr 2017 0

Welcome, everyone, to one more Strategy Gamer News Briefing! Here, we collect all the latest news of the strategy-related genre in one single spot, giving you a nice summary of every single relevant announcement of the past week or so. Enjoy!

Stellaris: Utopia Launch

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Stellaris' first major expansion has arrived on the 6th of April, and Matt did the herculean effort of reviewing the gigantic thing within a sensible amount of time. Utopia comes accompanied of a free patch that adds a load of new features, and it seems pretty good, earning a four out of five stars.

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion 5th Anniversary

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Released all the way back in 2012 by Stardock Entertainment, Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion just celebrated it's fifth anniversary by releasing Update v1.9. If that wasn't enough, the game is also 75% off, dropping from £29.99 to £7.50 on Steam. Now that's the way to celebrate an anniversary.

The update even improves graphics with a new "Extreme" texture setting; you can read all about it here, and grab Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion on Steam

Man O’ War: Corsair Release Date

The ocean can be a very profitable place, if you deal in gold and blood, and Man O’ War: Corsair sails towards full launch. Featuring a lot of races, sea monsters, and factions along side explorable ports and epic sea battles, this Warhammer-based pirate game is out on PC on the 19th of April, 2017. Look forward to our SG Review next week ahead of launch, written by yours truly.

Director James Carroll comments “When we first launched our alpha back in April 2016, we rather optimistically said that we had about four months work left to do. We suspected we might end up doing more than that but our fantastic community has been so passionate and supportive, that we now have a much deeper and more engaging game than we ever envisaged.”

Man O’ War: Corsair can be found on Steam, GoG, and the Humble store.

Dawn of War III Open Beta

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It is better to die for the Emperor than to live for yourself, and you can do a whole lotta killin' and dyin' soon thanks to Dawn Of War III's upcoming open beta. Running from 21-24th of April, the MOBA-influenced multiplayer portion of the game will be available to all, including Space Marines, Orks, and Eldar, alongside their respective Elite Heroes.

I had the chance to play Dawn of War III on several press events, and I must point out I didn't really like it -- RTS nowadays seem increasingly focused on reaction times and click-speed as opposed to proper tactical planning and strategic thinking, rendering it into a frustratingly twitchy based gameplay. That isn't really strategy in my books, but if you like the likes of Company of Heroes II or Starcraft 2make sure to sign-up for this beta

Did I miss anything? Have you got any feedback? Does the article lack pictures of ponies riding dragons? Let me know on the comments below or over at our Discord channel!



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