SG Briefing: Pre-E3 Edition

By Marcello Perricone 09 Jun 2017 0

Welcome, everyone, to another Strategy Gamer News Briefing! In these updates we collect all the latest news within the strategy-related genre into a single spot, giving you a nice summary of every single relevant announcement of the past week or so. Enjoy!



Since a flurry of activity in January, XCOM 2 developers Firaxis has largely been silent about the game. After the successful release of all it's planned expansions & the Long War 2 mod we all assumed the game had finished it's development cycle and they had moved on to newer projects. Turns out we were all wrong.

Posting cryptically on Steam and social media, 2K announced that the real war begins on the 12th of June. We have no idea what it is all about, but my bets are either a spin-off/standalone expansion, or new plans for the franchise. We'll find out in three days, Commanders.

Carrier Deck Launch - 15th of June, 2017

Slitherine's latest strategy title is a fast paced time management game where you play as a Deck Officer of the famous USS Ronald Regan (CVN-76), a Nimitz-class nuclear powered supercarrier. On board the ship in the midst of an active war, you alone are responsible for all aspects of operations involving aircraft on the ship, from deployment to landing. With a large array of aircraft at your disposal, you must ready and deploy forces as needed to ensure the successful completion of this fictional (and largely abstracted) military engagement.

Carrier Deck is out on the 15th of June, and features an extensive campaign across the globe and skirmish modes for quick matches. Check out its store page, and keep an eye for our review next week.

Total Wars

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Sega decided to update us on every single aspect of the Total War franchise at once, and that was mighty fine of them. Would be better if there were actual reveals instead of teases, but I guess you can't have your triarius and legionarius at the same time.

On the historical side, work on the newest entry is well underway. There is no data about what the title is about, but they still claim it to be set in a period not yet touched by any other Total War game. Similarly, they already have a team working on a "standalone" title similar to Napoleon, Attila or Fall of the Samurai, focused on a person or event instead of a wider period. It should arrive before the new historical title, so colour me intrigued.

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Meanwhile, Free-to-play title Total War: Arena is still in alpha and weekend tests, and we should have some news during E3. Creative Assembly also announced a new expansion coming later in the year for "one of [their] more recent historical releases", and given the armour shown in the pic above, all bets are on an Attila expansion.

On the fantasy side, Total War: Warhammer is getting a new race pack sometime soon, with the promise of more content down the road. Most of the team is obviously focused on Total War: Warhammer II, but they are treating the games as one huge product instead of fire-and-forget disposable sequels -- and that's incredibly refreshing.

Upcoming Games Coverage

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We've got a number of games under scrutiny at the moment, and in the next couple of weeks, you -- our lovely readers -- can expect coverage on:

  • Long Journey Home
  • Arcaturus
  • Europa Universalis IV: Third Rome Expansion
  • Carrier Deck
  • MidBoss

Are you looking forward to any of the above? Got any other news-worthy items to share? Let us know in the comments, or over at our Discord channel!

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