SG Bulletin: Endless Space 2 Gets A Major Free Update

By Marcello Perricone 13 Sep 2017 0

The latest 4X sci-fi game from SEGA has received a huge free content update today, fixing over a hundred bugs and balance issues and adding new features.

Titled "Target Locked", this sizeable patch revamps the way battles play out with the addition of "Battle tactics", a card based system that gives you a bit more flexibility in the game's fully AI-automated engagements. It also adds two new kind of units in the form of bombers and fighters, which can be slotted to your fleets and buffed with the use of support modules. Bombers focus on attacking enemy ships, while fighters -- even though capable of engaging big vessels on their own -- obviously focus more on taking down attacking bombers.

Other new additions include the return of Pirate hero Jennifer Rach from Endless Space 1, a new Main Menu screen, and a new quest. Fixes include better explosions, improved Mac compatibility, and a way too many items to list on this article. You can read the full patch notes here

Endless Space 2 launched in May to a positive reception here at SG, and it is on sale right now for 25% off.



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