SG Friday Filter: Interplanetary Edition

By Marcello Perricone 04 Aug 2017 0

With everything from Counter-Strike to Football Manager being listed in Steam's 'Strategy' category, it can be hard to decide what is worth your time. That's where we come in: every couple of weeks, we look into the depths of the Steam Store and filter the noise to bring you the best and newest strategy titles.

This list was assembled via the "New Releases" and "New and Trending" tabs of Steam's Strategy tag, and covers 22/07 through to 04/08. Check it out!

Aztez (Released: 1st Aug, 2017)

Also tagged as: Beat'em up, Indie, Action


This is one hell of an elevator pitch: Brutal combat mixed with turn-based strategy, set in the Aztec empire. What else could you want?

Dragons. The answer is dragons. Unfortunately, there are none here, so you must make do with an elite combat warrior as he defends the Valley of Mexico from enemy forces. Featuring a unique hybrid of beat 'em up and turn-based strategy set in the world of the Aztec Empire, Aztez contains a highly replayable campaign that changes every playthrough.

The turn-based portion of the game allows you to carefully select where to move and which enemies to engage, while the real time portion sees you fighting historical and mythological foes alike using 8 weapons (and wearing over 70 cosmetic items). The player is also able to perform sacrifices and summon Aztec gods mid-battle, which sounds like a sucker punch. Check it out.

Foxhole (Released: 27th Jul, 2017) - Coverage Incoming!

Also tagged as: City Builder, Indie, Simulation

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A massively multiplayer game where you will work with hundreds of players to shape the outcome of a persistent online war, Foxhole's battles can take days to complete. Without AI to populate the combat zones, every individual soldier is a player that contributes to the war effort through logistics, base building, reconnaissance, and combat.

You can capture and setup supply lines, conquer and defend territories, and even build bases. Foxhole also includes a day and night cycle (but no weather), and it aims to provide a tactical combat experience where skills and strategy really make a difference. Sounds really interesting, though I tend to be cynical of MMO endeavours and their short shelf life. 

Interplanetary: Enhanced Edition (Released: 2nd Aug, 2017) - Coverage Incoming!

Also tagged as: Simulation, Indie

ss ac73e091350d7937499b8ce9ab7ce3679e67c460

Interplanetary originally launched in 2015, and it is a turn-based strategic artillery game on a cosmic scale, aka "what if we have artillery, but in space!". Relaunched now as the "Enhanced Edition", the title sees you developing your home planet and using massive barrages to wage war on a whole solar system.

Starting with gigantic railgun batteries and upgrading to missiles and precision lasers, the game needs strategic thinking when constructing structures and tactical acumen when firing the weapons, as rounds often take some time to reach their targets and must be aimed around gravitational fields and celestial bodies. It's a very interesting concept, and you can keep your eyes out for our upcoming review of it soon.

Strategy & Tactics: Dark Ages (Released: 12 Dec, 2016- Coverage Incoming!

Also tagged as: Early Access, Turn-Based Strategy

ss eda7cc59c79760aeccb3870817b7748a37b1a15e

This one is a bit old, but it's gearing up for its final release so it technically becomes "new" again. A turn-based game set in an alternate Middle Ages, Strategy & Tactics: Dark Ages sets Vikings against war elephants, musketeers against the Mongol cavalry, and ancient phalanx legions against crusaders -- all an excuse to mix and match historical things, really, but bloody good fun (if not exactly novel).

Each faction has a unique general randomly generated, and you must carefully command your troops and keep their leader alive, lest everything be for naught. By surviving battles, your squads gain experience and develop their skills, becoming more powerful the more they fight -- generals that become especially powerful can be put into a pantheon, joining the ranks of Joan of Arc and Genghis Khan.

But veteran squads and legendary generals are not everything, and the effective positioning of troops and optimal use of the weather and the terrain can beat even the most perfect army. You can even upgrade your soldiers equipment in order to give them that extra edge. In the end, your only objective is to conquer all and survive the Dark Ages -- but hey, that's perfectly fine with me.

That's it for this edition of Friday Filter - keep an eye out for future updates as we filter out the noise of Steam's 'Strategy' tab. Seen anything else you like or tried any of the above? Let us know in the comments!



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