SG Giveaway: Kenshi [Closed]

By Admin 15 May 2017 13

Kenshi is an amazingly ambitious squad-based RPG from developer Lo-Fi Games, currently in Early Access. Featuring an open-ended sandbox gameplay where you literally make your own story, it allows you to customise as many characters as you want and affect the world in any way you see fit. Taking place in a massive handcrafted 870 square kilometer simulated world full of NPC's and emergent stories, the game even allows players to buy, build, and upgrade bases anywhere in the sprawling environment.


Our own Josh Brown really liked Kenshi, and Lo-Fi has been kind enough to provide us with five keys to give away to our awesome readers. Winners will be chosen at random, and all you have to do to be eligible is to post in the comments below with an answer to the following:

Many RPG games have attempted to add elements of strategy and tactics to make group action more significant. Tell us about a game you think has done this particularly well, and how you personally would iterate on it or make it better.

Think Life is Feudal with its Formations, Mount & Blade with the NPC Command interface and even Kenshi's own take on squad-based strategy. No more than a hundred words or so - we're simply looking for what game you've enjoyed the most with this approach and what you would do to improve/iterate on it. Post in the comments below.

Any questions, feel free to ask, but only posts that meet the requirements will count towards your entry.

Closing date is Friday, 19th May, with the winners being contacted on the 22nd.



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