Shadow Empire fuses Age of Wonders Planetfall & Dune into a military focused, post-apocalyptic 4X strategy game

By Joe Robinson 09 Oct 2019 0

You can’t completely remove the wargamer within in you, and at their heart Slitherine is a company that loves to make war games. They’ve brought out some amazing ‘mainstream’ strategy offerings these past few years (BSG Deadlock, Fantasy General II et al), but you can tell they sometimes like to indulge their old habits.

Today the company announced a new strategy game that’s definitely more on the hardcore side of the line. Shadow Empire is a post-apocalyptic 4X game that features a very prominent military component, with lots of deep simulation features that you’d find in traditional war games like Armored Brigade. It’s not wholly a game for grogs, however, and there’s more than a few interesting design elements that strategy gamers might be interested in as well.

Shadow Empire Map

It has been several hundred years since the catastrophic war destroyed much of civilization, and it’s your job to try and rebuild. Strategy games can often live and die by their highlights, so let’s go through a few headline features that sum up the game:

  • Turn-based 4X
  • Sandbox & Procedurally Generated Planets
  • Over 100 different research areas
  • Realistic Military mechanics, such as supply, logistics, combar resolution & more
  • Recruitable characters - leaders
  • Intricate diplomacy, with ‘Strategms’ that can be deployed on opponents to influence their behavior
  • Supports multiplayer
  • Formations, and 30+ designable vehicle options

The list were were sent in the press release is a lot longer than that, but you get the idea. This will be an interesting one to watch develop - it’s definitely been designed with that old school war game sensibility, but 4X gamers are getting more mature over time and innovation is slow. If Slitherine can get the presentation and usability done correctly, perhaps it can appeal to more than the obvious niches.

No word on a release window just yet, but we imagine this could land before the end of 2020.



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