Sixteen years on, Warcraft III is still getting patched: Version 1.29 hits PTR

By Joe Robinson 22 Feb 2018 0

While the world baits its breath to see if Blizzard will announce either Warcraft 4 or a Warcraft III remaster, the original version of Warcraft III is still getting some TLC, it seems.


Blizzard posted on their forums last night details for Patch 1.29 which is now up on the revived PTR. Specific improvements include:

  • Widescreen support.
  • Games Lobbies that can support up to 24 players, as well as a revised Team Colour system
  • Balance and Map Polls (More details here)
  • World Editor Upgrades (More details here)
  • And bug fixes, including the ability to create Clans

You can download the new patch for Windows here, and Mac here.

Do you still play Warcraft III? Have you tried out the new patch? Let us know in the comments!




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