Slitherine stream live right now - free steam codes, Distant Worlds 2 & More

By Joe Robinson 19 Dec 2019 0

Slitherine & Matrix Games are running a ‘Jingle Bell’ Marathon stream on their Twitch channel from now until 7:30pm GMT tonight. The program involves everything from tournament matches and code giveaways, to a sneak peak at Distant Worlds 2.

The first part of the schedule is as follows below:

Slitherine Stream Schedule

Strategic Command: World War One will then be featured at 3pm, followed by a ‘Look at the future’ segment at 5pm, where we think the Distant Worlds 2 sneak peak might land. Finally, Fantasy General 2 is going to see away the rest of the evening with the Christmas Map.

Distant Worlds is one of our favourite 4X strategy games - it’s very hardcore, very deep and things can get away from you if you let them, but it’s also one of the most complete sci-fi 4X simulations we’ve ever played.

Slitherine will also be giving out free steam codes for their games through-out the stream, so make sure you’re paying attention!



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