Meanwhile, you’ve got three days left to jump on Slitherine’s Warhammer 40K Sale on Humble

By Joe Robinson 03 Jun 2019 0

For a more relaxed pace, you can still take your time and browse some of Slitherine’s catalogue over on Humble. Until Thursday they’re running a sales event with Warhammer titles going for up to 75% cheaper than normal.

It’s not quite as grand as it sounds - Slitherine’s licensed Warhammer 40K library is modest, but of a pretty decent quality when you look at some of the other titles out there.

The main headline would be Warhammer 40,000: Sanctus Reach, and excellent, crunchy turn-based tactics game that’s the closet thing to digital 40K table-top we’re going to get. The base game is going for 75%, whereas all three of its DLCs are 66% cheaper:

Meanwhile, Slitherine’s 40K-meets-Civilization 4X strategy game Gladius: Relics of War is enjoying a 40% discount. It’s not had as many DLCs yet. The Tyranids expansion is currently 20% off, and you can pre-order the upcoming Chaos Space Marines expansion if you want, although at full price.

Check out the sale whenever you get a chance.

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