Star Destroyers Come to Stellaris (Sort Of)

By Joe Robinson 23 Nov 2017 0

I’ll be honest – I don’t like the "Humanoid" ship designs in Stellaris. I’m very particular when it comes to sci-fi spaceship aesthetics, and yeah, they don’t do it for me. I typically give my custom Human factions the Reptilian look, as they’re more to my tastes.

Thankfully, I don’t have to worry about that any more – today’s Stellaris Dev Diary took a bit of a tangent from them talking about the Cherryh update & new unannounced expansion to talk about a smaller DLC due out in a couple of weeks – the Humanoid Species Pack.

HumanoidGreeting 1

Apparently a lot of us have been asking for more humanoid portraits and more ’western’ inspired ship designs, so since the art team hasn’t had as much to do lately they just went ahead and gave us everything we wanted.

The new pack, which will retail for $7.99, will include:

  • 10 new Humanoid portraits
  • A completely new ship set inspired by classic western sci-fi
  • A new city set for Humanoids
  • A new pre-scripted empire, the Fanatic Authoritarian/Materialist Voor Technocracy, with a portrait inspired by the 'loading screen aliens' from our own official art
  • 3 new advisor voices offering alternative takes on existing ethics, based on the United Nations of Earth ('Dignified Xenophile'), Commonwealth of Man ('Disciplined Militarist') and Voor Technocracy ('Ruthless Materialist'). Samples from each of the new voices has been attached to the bottom of this post.
  • 3 new music tracks that are remixes of classic Stellaris songs

The ships in the main image are Corvettes, and you can see what looks like another class on the store page. Destroyers maybe? Really looking forward to seeing what the rest of the range looks like, either way. Myself and the rest of you will be able to honour our inner space wedge on December 7th.


Don’t know what the hell Stellaris is or what we’re talking about? Why don’t you check out our Codex Hub for the game to find out everything you need to know!



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