Sci-fi MMORTS Starborne launches open beta

By Sean Martin 03 Apr 2020 0

After nine alphas spanning a period of five years, epic space-based MMORTS, Starborne, has made the jump into open beta. A game by the independent Icelandic developer, Solid Clouds, it has long been in development, but after such a lengthy alpha period, the creators say that this is the most 'feature-rich' iteration of the game to date.

The open beta boasts safer starting zones, resource-rich areas, and a variety of possible victory conditions, from military, to industrial, to control. The beta also claims a hand-made map of 825,356 hexes, so that's plenty of 'space' for you to play around in. 

For those new to the series, Starborne is a massively multiplayer, online real-time strategy game. In it, you play as a fledgling empire, and take charge of building it to greatness, while also battling for control of the galaxy against other player-based empires. Each game takes 10 weeks to play, meaning you're committed for the long haul, strategising and forming alliances to weather the storm, hoping to emerge victorious at the end.

When asked about the new victory conditions, Stefán Gunnarsson, founder and CEO of Solid Clouds, had this to say:

“Having three separate, yet equally challenging, victory conditions is just not something we
have seen in the Grand Strategy genre before. We expect a lot of back-room agreements
and skullduggery between alliances competing for the different victory conditions. This is
going to supercharge what was already a deeply player-driven game.”

Alongside these significant changes, comes a longer list of implementations, including UI overhaul, ambient soundscapes, badges, and reduced alliance size, to name a few. 

So if a ten week rumble of space-based empire building, backstabbing, and alliance forging are your idea of a lockdown well-spent, you should sign up for the Starborne open beta here. 



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