Last chance for Stardock's Humble Bundle

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As 2019 gets well under way, there are plenty of other opportunities to pick up some New Year bargains. Stardock have partnered with Humble Bundle to offer a pretty sweet deal on some excellent strategy games.

Nearly 20,000 bundles have already been sold, and there's not much time left to get up to $211 worth of games and content for as little as $13.

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Tier 1 ($1/£0.78)

This level has three games, but to be honest its worth it just for the first one – Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion. Not only is this an excellent RTS, it’s one of our favourite space strategy games and an unsung hero of the genre.

parallax 3

Further to that, Stardock recently released a brand new DLC for the game (the fourth in six years, and the first one since 2016) so clearly there are enough players to warrant the additional content. Humble Bundles use Steam codes anyway, so if you’re quick you could pick up this game on the cheap and then take advantage on the Winter Sale discount on the first three DLCs.

The other two games in this tier, the ‘Ultimate Editions’ of Galactic Civilizations I & II, are also noteworthy, being legends of the space-4X genre and early challengers for Master of Orion’s throne.

Tier 2

This is a ‘Pay Above the Average’ tier, which at the time of writing was $9.90 /£7.71. In this you get Galactic Civilization’s modern sequel GalCiv III, as well as the Supreme Commander successor Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation.

Ashes Humble

Galactic Civilization 3 suffers a little bit from the “it was better in the old days” way of thinking, but it’s still a very good ‘Civ-in-space’ turn-based 4X strategy game. It’s got plenty of DLC that’s expanded the game since its’ 2015 launch, and we’ve got a full breakdown if you want to read it. The Bundle at this tier comes with the Mega Events DLC and the Crusade expansions.

Escalation was the re-release of Ashes of the Singularity, which didn’t have a great launch but seems to have picked itself up somewhat. It’s trying to succeed the legacy of Supreme Commander, and features large maps and large battles. Check out our review for more.

Tier 3 ($13 / £10.16)

This tier is mainly about DLC for games featured above, although you do also get access to Offworld Trading Company and all its DLC - OTC is a proud member of our Best RTS list.

OffWorldTC Buildings 03 full

The DLC starts with the most recent GalCiv III expansion, Intrigue, which we reviewed, and then there are two DLCs for Ashes of the SingularityTurtle WarsEpic Map Pack.

There's just under a week left to go, so make sure you don't miss out!



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