Stardock are celebrating their 25th Anniversary with their biggest sales event ever

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Twenty-five years ago today, a plucky young programmer named Brad dared to dream of a world filled with awesome strategy games. Then he died, and another Brad set up Stardock Corporation in order to continue that guy’s vision.

Founded in 1991 (although not incorporated till ’93, which is why the anniversary is this year), the company originally made games for OS/2, starting with the original Galactic Civilizations. They just about survived a transition to Windows after IBM abandoned OS/2, and the early 2000’s was a tense time for them as a company. They’ve largely survived thanks to the work they do making desktop applications, and decided to self-publish their games from 2006 on-wards. Today, they're responsible for several cracking games on our 'Best RTS', 'Best 4X' and 'Best Space-Strategy' lists.


To celebrate their 25 years in the industry, Stardock are discounting three of their core games in an All-Star RTS’ sale event running from today till June 20th:

  • You can pick up the Gold Edition of Offworld Trading Company for $19.99 (73% off).
  • You can pick up the Gold Edition of Ashes of the Singularity for $$19.99 (74% off)
  • You can pick up the Gold Edition of Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion for $19.99 (76% Off)

The ‘Gold Editions’ represent the base game and all respective DLC’s and expansions all in one package. Like most publisher/developer-run stores, even if you buy through them you’ll be given Steam keys that you can redeem.

If you’re a Stardock virgin or generally in the market for a good deal, the ‘All-Star RTS’ bundle includes all three of the above games for $49.99. That represents an 80% saving on the combined RRP of each individual title.
This is the largest sales event the company has ever put on, and there are hints that more deals may be had later in the year.

Let us know if you end up picking any of these up in the comments - What’s your fondest memory of a Stardock game? What would you like to see them discount next?

Disclaimer: Just so you’re aware, we’ve officially partnered with Stardock for this event – if you purchase anything through the above links, we’ll earn some commission.



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