Steam Marines 2 public alpha hits

By Joe Robinson 01 May 2018 0

The sequel to 2014’s indie darling Steam Marines has finally released a public alpha, three years after development started on the project.

Steam Marines 2 is billed as a squad based procedural death generator and will feature procedurally generated levels in space stations and planetary sites, perma-death and will be fuelled by turn-based small-unit tactics against AI opponents. It’s going to be a purely solo experience.

The first game was limited to a four marine squad and all gameplay was within the tactical field. This time around there's been some scope creep. Up to six marines in a squad. More gearing and skill options. More level sequence variety in winning the game. The player controls a human steampunk spaceship, the Delhi, and recruits and gears their squad there.

The alpha will serve as a way for the developers to get dedicated feedback from loyal fans (and the ability to raise some capital probably won’t hurt), and there’s plenty of room for expansion in the game. You should check out WorthlessBumsinaugural dev blog post to get a good read on where the game’s at, and what ideas they have for future development.

Steam Marines 2 can be purchased via the game’s page for $25. Let us know if you end up jumping in, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!



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