Steam Summer Sale 2018: You are (not) ready

By Joe Robinson 22 Jun 2018 0

You know summer is here when Valve launch their annual summer sale. Your wallet/purse probably knows as well. You can probably feel it shaking in your pocket right now. “I’m not ready,” it’s trying to tell you. It may have a point

Until July 5th, you can enjoy a range of discounts on nearly every game available in Steam’s catalogue. It’s the same drill across all the seasonal sales – gone are the dark times of rotating daily deals and flash sales.


Steam sales are also a good indication of tracking where a title’s floor is – rarely do games discount themselves on steam more than what they’d do during a Steam sale. If you see a game over the next few days that’s, say, 30%, it’s more likely than not that any sales event outside of the seasonal sale is likely to be no more than 30%, and most likely less than that. The only caveat is allowing for the passage of time (which means games will get discounted by greater and greater amounts), and of course special events, like an anniversary or a big milestone for the company in question.

Has your wallet stopped quaking yet? No? Well time’s up – we’ve rounded up some of our favourite games and favourite deals for your consideration:

  • Company of Heroes 2: Ardennes Assault made it onto our list of ‘best rts games’ for it’s stellar meta-campaign, and you can pick it up for the ridiculous price of £3.74 / $4.99.
  • Northgard is another great RTS, although its not on the list (at the moment). It’s 33% off and you can read our Northgard review to find out if you like the sound of it or not.
  • BATTLETECH was an easy addition to our list of best turn based strategy games, and it’s enjoying a 20% discount. Being so new we’d be surprised if it gets any better than that for a while, so if you haven’t jumped in yet it’s well worth the money.

Still wondering what the best total war game was? Doesn’t matter – apart from Total War: Warhammer II (25%), every entry in Creative Assembly’s iconic series is enjoying a big discount. Rome 2 is 66% off, while pretty much all of the other games are 75% cheaper.

Of course, no sales event would be complete without Paradox Interactive and some massive deals on their grand strategy games + respective DLCs.


The base game for CK2  is enjoying a 75% discount, while you can get the entire ~£200 collection at 60% off. Individual DLCs are hovering at around 50% discount – you should check out our guide to see which ones are worth buying. You’ll also want to check our Stellaris DLC guide and our EUIV DLC guide, as the all of the content for these respective games are enjoying similar discounts.

Did you see our recent updates to the XCOM 2 tips guides we have? Whether you were looking for advice on XCOM 2 classes, or specific tricks on how to handle the campaign layer, we’ve got you covered. The game itself is 66% off, while the War of the Chosen expansion is enjoying a 33% discount: The best discount to date, I think.

Another game worth mentioning is the excellent Battlestar Galactica Deadlock, one of our favourite space strategy games. It’s currently 51% off on Steam, although at this point we’d recommend the Complete Edition if you don’t have the game at all yet. Neither of its' two DLCs are on sale, although the recently released Broken Alliance  is still very good.


Finally, now might be a great time to invest In Sid Meier’s Civilization VI, if you haven’t already. It’s currently 70%, and we hope still has a long-life ahead of it in terms of DLC and updates. You should check out our guides to the best Civ 6 leaders, as well as Civ 6 DLC.

Alternatively, Civilization V is also on sale at a steal (£4.99), and we have a great guide to the best Civ 5 leaders you can check out as well.

Let us know if you end up buying anything this time around!



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