The 2019 Steam Summer Sale is Here!

By Joe Robinson 26 Jun 2019 0

Another Summer rolls around, another Steam Summer Sale emerges from the growth to take all your money and give you games you know you’re never really going to play. You should know the drill by now – pretty big discounts on basically everything you could want, so it basically comes down to what you’re looking out for. The sale runs from now until July 9th.

Here are some highlights to get you started:

  • Total War Three Kingdoms – possibly the best historical TW game to date, it’s got a small 10% discount going, if you haven’t picked it up yet.
  • Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark – the best tactical RPG to release in 2019 so far is now 15% off.
  • Civilization 6: Gathering StormCiv 6’s latest expansion is 25% off – it’s lowest price to date. It’ll naturally get cheaper as time rolls on but this isn’t a bad price all things considered.
  • Endless Legend – one of the best alternatives to Civilization currently on the market is 75% off for the base game, and has a whole host of DLC you can check out.
  • Into the Breach – the hit tactical/puzzle game is 50% off.
  • Scythe: Digital Edition – this pretty excellent board game adaptation is 60% off.
  • Star War: Rebellion - I'll never stop recommending this rough and ready original trilogy-era Star Wars grand strategy game. I mean it's £1.67. £1.67!

This is just a small snippet of games, but the trend is pretty simple – recently released games are going to have smaller discounts than older games, but we’re not talking much older… if it’s been out for more than a year than you can definitely find a good deal.

If you want some extra help deciding what to pick or what to check out something that’s caught your eye, we’ve got plenty of guides that could help you out:

Sales like this are also a great way to stock up on any DLC you haven’t gotten around to buying it yet. We don’t have a guide on everything, but if you’re looking at any of the Paradox Total War games, or a few other select titles with large DLC libraries, chances are we have an article on it.



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