Steel Division 2 - Bringing the 'Strategy' back to RTS

By Admin 10 Oct 2018 0

Steel Division 2 is an upcoming RTS war game from Eugen systems, and the sequel to last year's Steel Division. As strategy games go it occupies a sometimes uncomfortable grey area between being a full-fledged wargame, with lots of detail and depth, to simply an RTS with a high skill-ceiling.

We really liked the first Steel Division when it first came out, although we're a little surprised to be seeing a sequel this soon. Rumour has it SD1 wasn't as big a commercial success as it needed to be, and online player populations haven't been great. Eugen's wargame games came up against similar problems.

Steel Division 2 won't be changing much in the tactical sphere, from what we can gather - it's the strategic layer where the big changes are coming. There's going to be a new dynamic campaign mode for solo players, which will offer a completely different experience and different takes on how the core gameplay works (with decks, phases etc...).

You can read more about what we've learned about the campaign layer on our sister website -



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