Stellaris 4th Anniversary: Free Patch & Free Play Weekend

By Joe Robinson 12 May 2020 0

Update: The 2.7 'Wells' patch for Stellaris has been released. Check out the original story below for more details on what it entails. Meanwhile, Paradox also announced that as part of the 4th anniversary celebrations, they'll be making Stellaris free-to-play this weekend on Steam. If you haven't tried it already, this is definitely a great grand-strategy game to start with.

This comes as the game enjoyed its best month ever on Steam in terms of active users in March 2020, as well as achieving three million units sold. Here's a trailer to celebrate the anniversary:

Original Story: We’re coming up to Stellaris' 4th anniversary (May 9th), and the dev team have just announced what they’re planning to do to celebrate the occasion. The Sci-fi grand strategy 4X games has come a long way since its original inception, transforming to the point where it’s essentially a different game now.

Only last year’s Imperator: Rome has embarked on a similar transition, although you can argue all Paradox games change radically over time. Dropping next week on May 12th, the 2.7(.1) ‘Wells’ Update will be adding a bunch of new visual effects, as well as some useful content for Federations and the Galactic Community.

Here’s a summary image they released of the coming changes:

Steallris 2.7.1 Wells Patch

And you can go here for the full patch notes. One change you’ll see in the full breakdown is that the Remnant Origin can now be unlocked if you own EITHER Ancient Relics or Federations. You don’t need both.

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