Stellaris turns Three, play for Free

By Joe Robinson 10 May 2019 0

Stellaris has turned three years old this week, finalising its transition from being the ‘new kid on the block’ to a grand-strategy veteran in its own right. It’s been one hell of a journey: since launch the game has received eight different add-ons so far, ranging from species packs and minor narrative additions to full-fledged expansions adding new features.

The game’s fundamental systems have also been changed twice – warfare and expansion received an overhaul when Apocalypse heralded the arrival of the 2.0 update, and MegaCorps / 2.2 completely changed how planetary development and the economy worked.

stellaris apocalypse 5

It’s probably still too early to say that Stellaris is living its best life: there’s still plenty of room for improvement, but the dev team have shown a willingness to make tough decisions to try and keep the game engaging. As a game its an imaginative mix of hardcore grand-strategy and traditional 4X design that manages to create wonderful moments of emergent gameplay.

In celebration of this occasion, Stellaris is having a Free Play weekend on Steam which is already live and will last through till Sunday, ending at 10Pm CEST.

If you do take it for a spin and fancy keeping it the base game is currently running a 75% discount on Steam and the Paradox Plaza (which also nets you a Steam code). The rest of the DLC is also enjoying a discount, ranging from 20% for MegaCorps, to 50% for the rest – that sale runs through to Monday.

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While you’re here, there’s plenty more we’ve got for you to read that will help enhance your Stellaris experience:

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  • Top tips for getting to grips with the 2.2 Le Guin Update.

Getting into a Paradox grand-strategy game is no simple proposition but Stellaris represents a decent entry point - especially for sci-fi fans - and is definitely worth trying at the very least. Here’s to three more years! Maybe!

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