Stellaris, BattleTech & Age of Wonders all getting new expansions this year

By Joe Robinson 19 Oct 2019 0

The other strategy titles may not be the main stars of the show, but that’s not to say there weren’t cool things announced at this year’s PDXCon event. In terms of grand strategy, Stellaris is getting two new expansions this year (possibly), while non-PDS strategy titles BattleTech and Age of Wonders: Planetfall are also getting new content.

Stellaris Federations & Stellaris Lithoids

Stellaris is going to enjoy TWO new premium content drops. Stellaris: Lithoids, which is launching next week, is a new species pack which introduces a brand new race type, along with the cosmetic and visual content to go with it. For the first time, this pack will also include gameplay mechanics, in this instance in the form of unique traits that only Lithoid species have access too.

Meanwhile, Stellaris: Federations (officially coming “in the near future” but we’re hoping this year, maybe early 2020) is the ‘Diplomacy’ update, overhauling how Federations work and how the Galactic Community at large interacts with each other through a Senate/Resolutions mechanic. The expansion also introduces ‘origins’; new steps in race creation that allows you to tailor your game with a unique back-story that has a meaningful impact on how your game plays out. These can range from a race that starts in orbital habitats, to a race that starts off as a vassal of a fallen empires. There are also new mega-structures/mega ships.

BattleTech: Heavy Metal

Harebrained Schemes have still been grinding away at the BattleTech universe, unveiling the third and final pack in their initial run of ‘Season Pass’ content for the game. Heavy Metal focuses on the mechs themselves, and introduces 8 new chassis to the existing 40+ roster of mechs. Seven of these are straight out of the original BattleTech core set that was released over thirty years ago, and one is a brand new one that’s been included in the lore. These mechs have unique ‘gear’ or traits exclusive to those mechs that further bias them towards particular builds and playstyles.

The new expansion also includes new weapon systems, as well as a new Flashpoint mini-campaign that’s seeded through-out your mercenary career and involves a showdown with two legendary mechwarriors. You can expect to be heavy mettling on November 21st, 2019.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall - Revelations

Last but certainly not least, Age of Wonders Planetfall is also getting a new expansion pack. Launching a couple days before Heavy Metal on November 19th, 2019, Revelations is a modest dlc that includes a new race known as the Heritors, new commander gear and customization options, as well as a new Quest-like mechanic called Anomaly Surveys. These are mainly narrative events with decisions, although things can devolve into a tactical battle if you’re not careful, and you can only fight with what your commander has brought with them.

There will be a free update that will launch at the same time (codename ‘Stegosaurus’) which will add a few quality of life features, such as Orbital Relays to quickly shuffle armies from one side of your empire to another.

Honorable mention also goes to Prison Architect. New series stewards Double 11 are releasing a new expansion for it in November called Psych Ward, with another new expansion expected in 2020.

What’s been your favourite announcement from PDXCON so far? What would you like to see more of?



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