Stellaris Console Edition Updated to Version 2.2

By Joe Robinson 12 May 2020 0

The console edition for Stellaris has been an interesting one. Lagging behind the PC version, it’s been a window into a previous life for the sci-fi 4X game. Before 2.0, conquest and expansion worked very differently, and further overhauls of systems like planetary governance radically changed in 2.2 Le Guin.

Now, Console players are being brought up to speed with a new update dropping today for the PS4 & Xbox One versions that will make a giant leap from Version 1.7, to Version 2.2. The PC version is currently on Version 2.7, so parity between PC and Console is close to becoming a reality.

Here’s a trailer for console owners summing up the news changes:

It will be interesting to see how the console audience reacts to some of the game-changing revisions that Stellaris has been through. A lot of controversy was caused by the 2.0 update, for example, as it reduced the types of FTL to only hyperlanes. Version 2.2 was similarly divisive, as it removed the pop-placement mechanic for managing planets and replaced it with a more in-depth system.

One area where the Console version is still running a different course to the PC version is how DLC is being handled. Also launching today is the second expansion pass, which will include the Synthetic Dawn story pack (available right away), with the major Apocalypse expansion and the Humanoids Species Pack due to arrive at a later date. You can purchase it for $24.99 / £19.99 / €24.99. Anyone wanting to know what these packs will entail should check out our DLC Guide for the PC versions of these expansions.

Do you play Stellaris on console? What do you make of these new changes? Let us know in the comments!



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