Stellaris next expansion will focus on war or diplomacy

By Marcello Perricone 13 Sep 2017 0

During gamescom 2017, I had the opportunity to check out the upcoming Stellaris DLC, Synthetic Dawn, accompanied by game designer Daniel Moregard and QA specialist Daniel Sjoberg. Chatting with Moregard, I asked about Paradox's plans regarding warfare and diplomacy -- two infamously lacklustre aspects of Stellaris since launch, over a year ago.

"We didn't touch combat in this update, as it is focused on artificial intelligence" told me Moregard, "but we are aware of the problems with diplomacy and war. We plan to address them in the future on their own updates." The way the Stellaris team approaches expansions, Daniel told me, is as if they were boxes. "We have ideas for races, ideas for government, ideas for combat, and each one has its own "box", and we pick one box and do a whole update focused on it. We prefer to work that way."

As for priority of future DLC themes, Moregard said he expects the team will focus on either diplomacy or warfare in the next expansion. Asked how they would balance fixing such a meaningful part of the core experience with an optional paid expansion, he said their plan is to probably increase the mechanics in a meaningful way. "Fixes and adjustments to the mechanics would be free, but things like super weapons and the such would probably be paid."

Like Utopia and Leviathans before it, Synthetic Dawn will also accompany a big content patch, meant to improve the game even for players who aren't interested in the expansion. When inquired if update 1.8 would at least address any combat bugs, like the much maligned missile targeting, Moregard told me it would. "Actually, we have changed the way missiles behave! They now change targets after being fired", he said, to my happiness and that of every warmonger player out there.

The Stellaris team is fully focused on getting the AI-themed update out of the door, but it is great to know revamps to diplomacy and warfare are probably coming next. God knows they need it.

Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn and its free patch, update 1.8 Čapek, are out September 21st on Steam.



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