July 13th, 2018: Meanwhile, in strategy gaming…

By Joe Robinson 13 Jul 2018 0

It’s been a while since there was enough news to warrant one of our classic round ups. Most of the content of today’s post dropped yesterday alone! 2018 has been a great year for strategy games so far, and things don't look like they'll slow down just yet.

Meanwhile, in strategy games…

Total War: Rome II Ancestral Update

It’s still gratifying to see that Rome II is getting support after all these years. Things went a bit silent after the recent culture pack DLCs, but now the team have popped up again to reveal what they’ve been working on – the ‘Ancestral’ Update.

Essentially, Family Trees are coming home. Last seen in Thrones of Britannia, this is essentially a visual representation of your Character’s relationship with other characters in your family, party & faction. You’ll be able to see who’s in your family network, as well as important characters who you can perhaps adopt or marry-in for political benefits.


The update also comes with a completely re-work of character & agent skills, character actions (known now as ‘Intrigues’) and some impressive visual updates. Also, loot! Hurray!

We highly recommend you check out the full patch notes for a complete breakdown. The update is currently still in beta, so you’ll need to opt-in if you want to try it now. Note the known issues at the bottom.

Fanatical Strikes Again

Yet another ridiculous Fanatical bundle has emerged, selling £92 worth of strategy games for the token price of £1.79. You sometimes wonder if a deal is TOO cheap, you know?

The games included in this particular deal are:

  • Space Hulk Ascension
  • Supreme Ruler 1936
  • Command & Colors: The Great War
  • Grand Ages: Medieval
  • Royal Heroes
  • Making History: The Calm and the Storm Gold Edition
  • Crowntakers (+ DLC)
  • Attrition: Tactical Fronts

There’s a wide range of games and game types here, some wargames, some strategy games that are more hardcore than others. If even one of them tickles your fancy, you’d be silly not to consider jumping on this deal before it ends.

Phantom Doctrine Release Date

Phantom Doctrine is a Cold War themed XCOM-like turn-based strategy game that so far seems to be ticking a lot of boxes:

As leader of a secret organization known only as The Cabal, you are charged with preventing a global conspiracy that seeks to pit leader against leader, and nation against nation. By carrying out secret missions, investigating classified files, and interrogating enemy agents, a sinister plot is uncovered. With the clock ticking, it must be thwarted in order to save the world from an unthinkable fate.

It finally has a release date, and we’re looking forward to taking it for a spin on August 14th via Steam.

Endless Legend

Released in 2014, Endless Legend was a wonderful take on 4X gameplay, with gorgeous graphics and unique mechanics. Developer Amplitude gave it a lot of post-release support, with no less than six premium DLCs available to buy, with the last one released in October 2016.


Despite moving on to create Endless Space 2, it seems the team are not done with Legend just yet. We got treated to a teaser image before they all went on holiday. They’ll be back on July 23rd, so maybe we’ll hear more then.

That's all for this latest news round-up. Enjoy your weekends!



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