Strategy Gamer News Bulletin - July 17th, 2020

By Joe Robinson 17 Jul 2020 0

There's been a lot of strategy game news worth catching up on recently - we weren't able to cover it all during the week, so here's a round-up of everything else you might have missed. Next week we've got another Total War: Troy hands-on (campaign gameplay) as well as articles in the works for Imperator: Rome and I'm working on more new mods guides.

The Battle of Polytopia is coming to Steam

For years, the only decent, civilization-like 4X strategy game on mobile was Battle of Polytopia (known originally as Super Tribes). Even now there are few games on mobile that can really compete with it and it’s coming to Steam on August 4th, 2020. It’s got ‘Moonrise’ as a subtitle because the PC port has been made in Unity, and thus is distinct from the original mobile version.

You can choose to play one of 12 tribes each with their own unique nature, culture and attributes. Coming from mobile it’s a very distilled experience, but still has a lot of meat to it as far as a 4X experience goes.

If you want to see what it’s like we highly recommend checking out the Android/iOS version, which has a free base game (you pay for the extra cultures).

Paradox Acquire Surviving: The Aftermath Studio

Paradox Interactive have recently acquired their ninth studio. Iceflake Studios in Finland was founded in 2007, but since last year has been working on a new game in the Paradox owned ‘Surviving’ IP - Surviving: The Aftermath. The game is currently in Early Access via the Epic Games Store, but it seems Paradox didn’t want to wait until it hit 1.0, and have now acquired Iceflake anyway.

Previous acquisitions include Triumph Studios, who makes the Age of Wonders games and Harebrained Schemes, who recently made the rather excellent BattleTech. They also recently created Paradox Tinto in Barcelona.

Civilization VI: New Frontier Pass - First Look: Ethiopia

Following on from our news report earlier in the week, Firaxis have now shared more details regarding the new Ethipoian faction and their leader, Menelik II. Historically he is credited with transforming Ethiopia into an internationally recognised empire at a time when Africa was being carved up by European powers.

In Civ 6, he offers extra Culture and Science based on the Faith output of cities founded on Hills. His units also get extra Combat Strength when fighting on Hills.

Nowhere Prophet is coming to Consoles (and Switch!)

Last year we reviewed an interesting roguelike/cardgame called Nowhere Prophet, which has a post-apocalyptic setting inspired by Indian culture. Your cards are also your followers as you lead them across the wastes to try and find a mysterious haven known as the Crypt.

Combat plays out like it does in a typical card game, and you can ‘collect’ new cards on the road and unlock new abilities or starting set-ups for future play-throughs. It’s now on the way to Xbox via Xbox Games Pass on July 29th and Playstation 4 and the Nintendo Switch on July 30th.

nowhere prophet switch

Stronghold Warlords Campaign Gameplay

Nothing much to say here - enjoy 40 minutes of Stronghold: Warlords’ campaign in action.

Age of Empires 3 DE Allegedly Age-Rated

VG247 wrote up a story earlier in the week regarding how Age of Empires 3: Definitive Edition has allegedly been given an age rating by the Brazilian government. The source is this post on Resetera, but going to the official website neither I, nor Sherif it seems, were able to find the original listing.

The general point here though is that, while not definitive, games typically only get age ratings when they’re nearing their release period. Microsoft has an XBOX Games showcase event next week, so we might find out more details.

Secret Government Content Update

1C’s new grand strategy game about managing a secret society and manipulating world history slipped by us when it was released into Early Access at the end of June (sorry was having a baby-ED) but it’s already receiving a major content update.

As well as new events for the English Revolution mission, there have been plenty of AI improvements, balancing and bug fixes. The final game is due out in November 2020, and you can see their road-map to release here. The next major update is due out on August 6th.

Latest Starcraft II Patch really soups up the map editor

Starcraft 2 is still very much a thing, and its latest patch turns its editing capabilities up to 11. The 4.13.0 patch is essentially trying to address one of the more consistent bits of feedback regarding the old editor, which was that it was difficult to use. Taking inspiration (and some literal design elements) from the Warcraft III editor, Blizzard have now made one of their biggest overhauls to the editor to date.

We suggest you read the patch notes because there’s honestly too much to summarize. It’s currently still in PTR so won’t be released officially just yet, but everything from map transitioning, to data collection, even an ‘easy’ data editor has been looked at.

That’s all we have for you this week - enjoy your weekends!



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