Strategy Gamer News Bulletin - July 24th, 2020

By Joe Robinson 24 Jul 2020 0

A good week involves a mixture of news, gameplay articles and features that everyone actually wants to read. It was nice to finally get some hands-on time with Total War Saga: Troy's campaign layer, and we've been meaning to look at Imperator: Rome now that it's passed the one-year mark.

Meanwhile, the latest Civ 6 DLC has launched as part of the 'New Frontier' pass, and we've even expanded our Switch coverage some more. Plus if you didn't see it this morning there's a great Paradox bundle up on Humble.

Meanwhile, in the world of strategy games...

Company of Crime Release Date

With the Romero’s Empire of Sin still MIA, now’s a great time to get in with all of the other criminal-themed strategy games that have also been announced. 1C’s Company of Crime was announced earlier in the year and now we know when it’ll be released - August 8th, 2020.

It’s set in 1960’s London where you can either control one a criminal gang, or the police and involves a strategic layer as well as turn-based tactical combat. It looks interesting enough, although it tickles me that a game about London gangsters is being made by a Finnish studio and published by a Russian company.

Iron Harvest Open Beta

Iron Harvest is due out on September 1st, but the publisher has announced that a free ‘Open Beta’ will start on July 30th. It will involve a “glimpse” of the campaign gameplay, but will mainly focus on offline/co-op skirmish and competitive multiplayer. They’ve released a new trailer that shows off all three factions duking it out.

New Game: Iron Conflict

This is something that could be interesting. A multiplayer-focused real-time strategy game, Iron Conflict is new game that seems to be targeting the online competitive crowd, but in a way that reminded me a bit of End of Nations towards the end.

Players can compete in matches up to 10 v 10, and each player can form a ‘squad’ of up to three units. These units can be further customised with different load-outs and other bells & whistles. There are three types of units, primarily - Infantry (or scouts), tanks and aircraft. The game features units that existed from the end of WW2 to the height of the cold war.

IT could be interesting - it’s most definitely targeting War Thunder/World of Tanks players, but the real-time tactics nature of it has me intrigued, at least. It’s due out in Q3 2020.

Total War Saga: Troy Amazon DLC Sneak Peak

You may have spotted my hands-on with the campaign of TWS: Troy earlier in the week. Troy is now less than a month from release, so we’re going to start hearing more details about the game and its post-launch content. One DLC that is pretty known about at this point is the ‘Amazons’ faction. Hippolyta and her Amazons are featured in the Iliad and it appears they are going to be amongst the first of the DLC factions available to purchase.

They haven’t been officially announced yet, but one intrepid YouTuber managed to get some sneak-peak & speculative information by rushing over to where they are located during his Menelaus play-through. Like the rest of us he only had 40 turns to do it, but it seems he managed to get over there and get a rough idea as to what the faction is like. Here’s his video:

Phantom Doctrine is now Hitman?

So I had one of those 'Excitement/Disappointment' moments the other day. We got an email from the developers of Phantom Doctrine, saying they were about to announce Phantom Doctrine 2. Yay!

But looking at the steam page and the trailer, it seems it's going to be some kind of third-person stealth action game. Boo! I quite enjoyed the first Phantom Doctrine game. It blended XCOM-style design with some neat Cold War/Espionage tropes, it just needed a bit more TLC in terms of how some of the combat logic and mechanics tied together. Phantom Doctrine 2: The Cabal looks a bit generic, and it is very disappointing that they’ve gone down this route. Oh well.

Free Desperados 3 Content Update

We’re finally working on our review of Desperados 3, so apologies for the delay. In the meantime, enjoy the fact that it’s already received a major free content update which adds new ‘Baron’s’ challenges.

And the rest…

  • Starbase Startopia is now available for pre-purchase on Steam, which grants you instant access to the closed beta.
  • Kalypso Media have launched a Kickstarter for their new Football Manager-type game, Club Manager 2022. The project appears to be in German for some reason.
  • Star Renegades, from the developer of Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander, is releasing on September 8th.

That's all we have for you this week - enjoy your weekends!



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