Strategy Gamer News Bulletin - July 31st 2020

By Joe Robinson 31 Jul 2020 0

I'm still kind of bummed no-one read my story on the Chess game that has time travel. I mean come on! Multi-verses! But we've had some other great features go up this week as well, from what we'd like to see in Europa Universalis 5, to why Battle for Middle-Earth II was a great RTS game.

That hasn't left much room for actual 'news' coverage barring the big Total War DLC drop the other day, so here we again with a round-up of all the other happenings from the world of strategy games.

Header image is from Drone Swarm, mentioned below.

DwarfHeim Early Access Details

Dwarfheim is an upcoming RTS game that features asymmetrical co-op based around classes. It’s coming to Early Access on Steam later this year, and the developers have released more information regarding what you’ll be able to play from the start.

The early access build will feature both single-player and online co-op across several modes, including survival and sandbox. There is also a competitive multiplayer mode called ‘Conquest’ as well as a Skirmish mode where you and your team (or on your own) face off against an increasingly powerful AI. Will this be the game to crack the quagmire the RTS genre seems to be stuck in? Only time will tell.

Imperiums: Greek Wars released!

This is just a quick note to let you know that historical 4X grand strategy game Imperiums: Greek Wars has now been released onto Steam. It’s the successor to Aggressors: Ancient Rome but is set slightly further back 359BC during the Greco-Persian Wars. It’s turn-based and has Civ-like empire management, some more in-depth military systems and a pretty interesting Diplomacy mechanics. It also throws in a bit of myth and legend to spice things up.

Our own review is coming as soon as we can, so look out for it some time over the next couple of weeks.

New Game: Pegasus Expedition

We got an email in our inbox this week talking about a new sci-fi 4X strategy game that’s coming to Steam in the near future. It bills itself as a ‘story-driven grand-strategy’ game where you are leading one of the many fleets sent you to the Pegasus galaxy to try and find a new refuge for the Human race, which is under threat back at home.

It features a replayable campaign with unique choices, decent diplomacy mechanics and the usual trappings of a 4X/Grand Strategy game. It doesn’t have a Steam page yet, but you can check out the press kit page here. I hope it’s better than the last strategy game I reviewed with ‘Pegasus’ in the title. Legends of Pegasus had some neat ideas, but terrible execution.

Frostpunk ‘On the Edge’ DLC Release Date

The final Frostpunk DLC finally has a release date. On the Edge will release on August 20th and will bring with it a brand-new narrative campaign set on a new map, with new mechanics, and new economic and diplomacy options as you chart a course that will determine the future of New London. This pack is also part of the Season Pass, if you happened to buy into that.

Tactical Troops: Anthracite Shift Release Date

One of Slitherine’s K-Project games, Tactical Troops: Anthracite Shift has now been given a release date. This is a top-down turn-based tactical game that features squad skirmish combat involving innovative use of positioning/overwatch and teleportation technology to overcome your enemy.

It will be released on August 20th, 2020.

tactical troops release date

Drone Swarm’s Drones are intoxicating

Another random press one-shot to my inbox this week - Drone Swarm is a game that’s due out by the end of 2020 where you control a mothership and a swarm of 32,000 drones through an endless series of fleet combat encounters. Why? It doesn’t matter. There’s a story trailer, but it was a bit too bland for our tastes. Instead, just look at this short gameplay teaser where you can see the drone swarm in action.

I mean, it’s pretty, right? I’m not sure if this game will be any good or not, but I can appreciate the design of the mothership/drone swarm from an artistic perspective. If you want to see more of it the developers did an hour-long stream as part of the recent Steam festival recently, which you can watch here.

Last but not least, have a Iron Harvest CGI Trailer

Because why not.

That’s all we’ve got you for you this week - enjoy your weekends!



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