Strategy Games News Bulletin - June 12th, 2020

By Joe Robinson 12 Jun 2020 0

This week has pretty much been dominated by EU4’s Emperor expansion, which was released on Tuesday. I haven’t been able to play EU4 for any decent length of time in a while, so it was fun jumping back into that game and seeing how it’s evolved. I’m currently doing a Brandenburg game as I haven’t actually been able to form Prussia successfully in a run since the game launched back in 2014.

I’m also overdue for another lengthy session with Imperator: Rome. I spied a Dev-diary the other day talking about the 1.5 Meander patch and the changes they are making to how Republics work. I forgot that was coming so soon. That game really has come a long way since launch and it’s good to see.

Otherwise it’s been a bit of a slower week in strategy games, although a great week if you’re a strategy gamer with a Nintendo Switch. Seriously, if you don’t have one yet, I’d consider investing just for the strategy catalogue alone.

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away...

Pathway Goes Free Next Week

Pathway is an interesting turn-based tactical roguelike game about expeditions and fighting Germans. Imagine Indiana Jones with a hint of The Mummy, except without all of the supernatural stuff. As our own Anna Blackwell stated in her review “Kill Nazis and Uncover Hidden Treasures”. It’s what you would call an ‘indie gem’, and well worth trying out…

… which you’ll now be able to do for free via the Epic Games Store come next week. From June 18th - June 25th, Pathway will be free-to-play (but not free to keep). After that it’ll revert to its usual price of £12.99 / $15.99. This event also marks publisher Chucklefish’s debut on the EGS.

Pathway 2

Ancestor’s Legacy Invades Switch

Ancestor’s Legacy is a bit of an underrated RTS. It’s a bit niche, granted; the base game included four factions from Dark Ages Europe and it had a vague Company of Heroes feel to it that probably wouldn’t have appealed to everyone. Still, it was pretty good, and even got a single-player expansion last year.

Now it’s joining other members of the strategy clan as they slowly invade the Nintendo Switch. Northgard did it a couple of months ago, XCOM 2 did just the other week and now you can purchase Ancestor’s Legacy. A physical version will be hitting shelves on October 2nd. As far as we can tell, this release doesn’t include the Saladin’s Conquest expansion.

Railway Empire is also coming the Switch

Speaking of games moving to the Switch, Kalypso have announced that their train management sim Railway Empire will also be making the crossing next week on June 19th. It will arrive with all of the DLCs to date.

We haven’t looked at the game since it came out in February 2018. We weren’t fans of it at the time and we don’t know whether it’s improved much in the two years since. We’ll try and let you know as soon as we can.

Steam Festival Next Week

The Steam Game Festival is next week, where Valve plans to offer gamers a chance to try out upcoming games and chat to developers. It’ll be running from June 16th till June 22nd.

We’re not sure of the full line-up yet but we’ve already heard of a few, one of them being Iron Harvest, the Company of Heroes-like real-time tactical game set in the 1920+ alt-history universe.

iron harvest steam demo

And the rest...

  • Stellaris: Console Edition is getting a retail release.
  • Yes, Your Grace is coming to Switch & Consoles at the end of June.



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