Strategy Games News Bulletin - June 5th, 2020

By Joe Robinson 05 Jun 2020 0

Amidst what is a very challenging week outside of gaming, there's still been plenty to talk about this week. We finally heard more about Total War Troy this week and EU4's next expansion is also imminent. I'm playing through it right now so look out for our review next Tuesday.

Command & Conquer remasters are also out today - we haven't managed to get a hold of review code, sadly, but we'll try and get something up as soon as we can.

Next week we're also looking to update our 'Upcoming Strategy Games' feature, so keep an eye out for that on Monday.

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away...

Chucklefish First Ever Publisher Sale

Chucklefish are running a bit publisher sales event - their first - over on Steam right now. Games worth keeping an eye out for that they’ve handled include Wargroove and Pathway. They’ve also teamed up with some other indie devs to generally offer deals on pixel-art games. Check out the sale page here.

Massive Phoenix Point Update in-bound

Phoenix Point, despite slipping back under the radar for the most part, is still being worked on by the developers. The next big update to drop is the ‘Danforth’ Update and it’s due sometime during June 2020. It’s looking like it’s going to be a pretty expansive update, as this blog post highlights.

phoenix point danforth update

To name but a few things, the patch is going to make improvements to:

  • Scavenging Missions (with a new ‘Overgrown’ map type)
  • Improved Citadel Maps
  • Recruiting at Base
  • Haven Defenders
  • Status Effect Interactions

The release date hasn’t been announced yet, but it’s going to be released “in the coming weeks”. Some mid-tactical mission saves may be invalidated due to the changes coming to tactical battles.

Paradox Interactive launches new grand strategy studio

This news dropped towards the start of the week, but Paradox Interactive have launched a new studio based in Barcelona devoted to the development of Grand Strategy games. At the moment, the only studio formally dedicated to this type of work is ‘Paradox Development Studios’, and this includes the teams working on everything from the upcoming Crusader Kings 3, to Stellaris and Hearts of Iron 4.

eu4 emperor expansion release date

Paradox ‘Tinto’, as it is known, is headed by veteran Johan Andersson (who’s one of the founding members of the company and has been involved in nearly every Paradox grand strategy game) and will initially be overseeing further development on Europa Universalis 4, before working on ‘new’ grand strategy games.

Whether Johan’s team is involved in the Emperor expansion, which is due out next week, isn’t clear. It’s also worth remembering that Johan pretty much made Imperator: Rome single-handedly, with only a little bit of dev and resource support from others in the company (including the current project lead Peter Nicholson). As far as I know, Johan’s actually lived in Barcelona for some time now. If you ask me, this is just Paradox formalising some kind of local development arrangement around Johan so that he doesn’t need to work remotely. Most, if not all, of the grand-strategy development up to this point will have been handled out of Stockholm, Sweden where Johan used to be based.

Either way, it’ll be good to see what Johan comes up with next.

New(ish) Game: The Commission 1920

2018’s The Commission, which was a turn-based grand strategy game themed around 1930’s ‘organised crime’, is getting an official remaster later this year in the form of The Commission 1920.

It will represent a ‘definitive edition’ of the original game, while also featuring some new content such as new and improved rackets, intel on rival families and rewarding units for their hard work by assigning titles and granting benefits. It’s due for release sometime in the summer.

the commission

Frostpunk’s Next DLC Teased

The final piece of the initial wave of DLC for Frostpunk has been revealed. Known originally as Project TVADGYCGJR, it’s not been given it’s official title ‘On the Edge’. It will feature a brand new story scenario, set after the Great Storm, an array of challenges to overcome on a new, desolate map and unique mechanics to utilize on the Frostland view.

That’s all we have time for today - enjoy your weekend!



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