Strategy Games News Bulletin - November 1st, 2019

By Joe Robinson 01 Nov 2019 0

This is probably the first week since I started this series that I’ve struggled a little bit for stories to fill it. Seems strategy gaming is having a slow week for a change. That’s not to say there isn't any interesting things going on, but not as much has floated up to me as usual. If you spot something I missed, do let me know and we can do a follow-up on it.

In the meantime, it’s meant I’ve had a bit more room to devote to the stories I have found, so hopefully you still get as much out of today’s bulletin as you normally would.

Meanwhile, in strategy gaming...

First Crusader Kings 3 Dev Diary

Dev Dairies for Paradox Grand Strategy Games aren't always newsworthy in and of themselves (unless they reveal something mega) because they're pretty much a weekly thing, but we thought we'd take a moment to mark the official start of developer updates for Crusader Kings 3.

Announced a few weeks ago at PDXCon this year, it's the sequel to the game that put grand strategy on the map and went on to define a new wave of thinking in terms of post-release support.

crusader kings 3 dynasty legacies

This first CK3 Diary expands on what they talked about at the show regarding the Dynasty mechanics. Essentially the representation of the dynasty in CK2 was limited, but it's a very important concept to medieval society. Dynasties are now a collection of Cadet Branches, or 'Houses' each with a head, with the most powerful house head being the 'Dynast' - the leader of the Dynasty. We suggest you check out the full diary for a more comprehensive breakdown on these mechanics.

Phoenix Point October Update

Phoenix Point put out a couple of development updates this month, but the second one which dropped at the end of last week was in video form. Check out the video below for 18 glorious minutes of uninterrupted Phoenix Point gameplay. This is not Backer Build 5, but the internal development build so it has more features (and more unstable features). Release is still on track for December.

Warcraft 3: Reforged Multiplayer Beta

After many months of not much, the Warcraft 3 remaster has resurfaced with a multiplayer beta for those that pre-ordered the ‘Spoils of War’ edition of the game initially. Regular pre-orders will be given access in the coming weeks.

At the moment, only 1v1 and 2v2 matches are available and you can only play as either Orcs or Humans. Undead and night elf races are also to come at a later time.

Iceberg Ahead Announcements

While Iceberg Interactive aren't the 4X strategy machine they used to be, they’ve still got one hand on the strategy market in general. They put out a live-stream this week ahead of Paris Games Week to showcase some of their upcoming projects, and there were a few bits of news relevant to us:

  • Railroad Corporation, the 19th century america-themed railroad tycoon game currently in Early Access is due to release in November.
  • Pax Nova, a sci-fi 4X strategy game, is due to enter Early Access in 2020.
  • Circle Empires: Rivals is due to arrive ‘Early’ 2020.

If you’re interested in watching the full video, here it is below. I know it says the video is 50 minutes long, but the action actually starts at 30 minutes:

Halloween Sales

There are a number of sales going on this weekend in celebration of Halloween. Humble, for example, has a big sales event for a bunch of scary or horror-themed games, although there’s nothing really strategy related.

Steam’s own Halloween event is prioritising horror-themed games, but if you got into the main library and filter by ‘Strategy’, you’ll find plenty of cheap games there for your consideration. The XCOM 2 Collection is 76% off, for example.

Last but certainly not least, the Paradox Store is having their own Halloween sales event on their catalogue. Not a lot that’s new and exciting, but there’s some savings to be had - Imperator: Rome is a third off. The BattleTech Season Pass is 25% off. A bunch of Grand Strategy game expansions are also going pretty cheap. Let us know if you spot any other decent sales as well.

Strategy Gamer is affiliated with both Humble and the Paradox Store.

That's all we have time for this week - again, let us know if we've missed anything. I'm more than willing to use this as a platform for strategy game news big and small, but I can't write about what I haven't read!



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