Strategy Gamer Weekend Bulletin: September 27th, 2019

By Alexander Williams 27 Sep 2019 0

Once more into the breach, my friends, for the show that never ends. Or some other mixed metaphor which is vaguely amusing. This week we have everything from alien shooting, to a rousing game of football, and teeming masses of screaming swordsmen darting all amongst them.

If something popped into view this week that we continue to miss, let us know in the comments and we will rectify our oversight. You might even win a No Prize!

XCOM 2, How Hard do You Boogaloo?

If you're the largest part of the main audience, the answer to that question is "Rookie." While there has been a ton of talk about game difficulty and how it segments the market, the story has come around again with all the usual opinions. XCOM 2's numbers don't lie; 1/3 of the people who completed the game did so on Rookie, with half of the players who had completed the game did so on Veteran difficulty.

Mix It Up Out on the Field in 2020

Annualized sports games releases are not the place you expect to see innovation on a regular basis when it comes to game play cycle. Football Manager 2020 is going for a little bit of surprise. Sure, there is the usual round of graphical updates, but this year adds the new Club Vision system, which comes across as almost adding an RPG element to the management of your teams, if you see your team as your character. You'll also have a Development Center for training newbie players and the ability to contract with guaranteed playtime clauses. FM2020 is targeting a Stadia this year as well, so things for backbenchers could be heating up.

When Civilization Falls, Console Us

It's been a while since civilization arose on the console generation, but Civilization 6 is finally coming back to both the PlayStation and Xbox. While the buy-in might get you halfway to owning your own seastead (£44.99 for the base game, £32.99 if you want to get the expansion bundle as well), being able to play one of the best civilization builders available on the family couch might be worth it to you. Unless you already own it on the Nintendo Switch, you'll be able to curse at Gandhi once again come November 22.

Tactics You Can Count (Players) On

Teamfight Tactics is reporting a monthly player count of 33 million. Just pause and let that sink in for a minute. Not a full standalone game, TFT is still just a single game mode under the larger League of Legends umbrella. All of LOL's gameplay taken together gives it a reasonable claim to being the biggest PC game in the world. Your emotional and visceral reaction to that news is a major signifier of your personality.

Total War, Three Kingdoms, No Waiting

The community has been expectant, and now Total War: THREE KINGDOMS (seriously, that's their chosen presentation) has a major update, adding new Legendary characters, shifting around the balance when you try to stab your friends, a somewhat necessary reworking of the Commander, and making Heroes in Romance mode a little less murderer-chainsaw against well-trained normal dudes with weapons. There is a lot of changes so check out the patch notes for the full rundown.

Fig Tree on the Homeworld Grows past 1$ Million

Nearly a month ago, Gearbox/BBI announced Homeworld 3, a new entry in the 3D space RTS genre best known for its mythic storytelling, spare but evocative voice acting, and fleet management. Very little concrete about the game is known at this time but despite reassurances that it's fully funded and in preproduction, they opened with a crowdfunding Fig campaign which has taken in over $1 million. The less than stellar reception to the last ground-based prequel in the franchise, Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak, hopes are running high in the community that HW3 will bring new life to the franchise.

BattleTech Joins Humble Monthly

We like to highlight Humble Bundles or Sales that are relevant to you guys since we're part of their affiliate scheme, but I tend not to advertise their monthly subscription service because generally I don't want to be pushing something so long term. This month however there's been an interesting addition to the Monthly Games Bundle subscribers get sent.

Turn based tactical strategy game BattleTech, along with it's Flashpoint & Shadow Hawk expansion packs, have been made part of October's bundle. Considering it only costs $12 to subscribe, that's a really cheap way of getting access to a fantastic strategy game. Only one other game has been announced for the bundle so far - Sonic Mania - with the rest being revealed on October 4th. We're not advocating you subscribe long-term, but if you fancy picking up BattleTech on the cheap you can sign up through this link.

That's all for this week - enjoy your weekends, and we'll see you Monday!



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