Strategy Gamer News Bulletin - September 4th 2020

By Joe Robinson 04 Sep 2020 0

What a week for strategy games. You'll have noticed that Crusader Kings 3 launched, of course, but we also had to deal with Iron Harvest AND a new Total War: Three Kingdoms DLC!? This'll be it, of course. Nothing else is going to happen now for ages... and there's still strategy game news coming out of our ears, which I've tried to summarise below.

Apologise for the delay in some of our reviews - our thoughts on Iron Harvest will be up next week, as well our review for Wasteland 3. Tactical RPG Star Renegades and the new Necromunda game are launching next week as well - it's very unlikely we'll have reviews ready for launch for these either, but hopefully by the end of the week, perhaps. I've also got more CK3 content in the works, along with some other random guides and previews. What a TIME to be a strategy gamer, eh?

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away...

Battlestar Galactica Deadlock Season 2 is coming to an end

Slitherine and Black Labs Games have announced the end of their second season of post-release content for WEGO space strategy game Battlestar Galactica Deadlock. Comprising two DLCS and a free update, this is a mammoth content drop due to take place on September 24th, 2020.

The Armistice DLC adds a new eight mission story campaign that will deal with the closing days of the First Cylon War, along with nine new resource missions that can be used in any Season 2 campaign.

The Modern Ships Pack introduces some iconic vessels seen in the 2004 TV show, such as the Mercury-class Battlestar and the ‘modern’ Basestar. There are six new ships in total, and they can be used in Skirmish, online multiplayer and Season 1’s Anabasis DLC. They won’t be available in any of the story campaigns, however.

Finally, there will be the ‘Daybreak’ Patch which will include the Photo mode, increased fleet point cap for skirmish-based modes, three new multiplayer variants as well as a whole host of other fixes and tweaks. This is feeling like a pretty big push, and it’s possible development on Deadlock itself might be coming to an end.

Into the Breach free on the Epics Game Store

The Epic Games Store has been giving away free games PS Plus style for a long-while now. Sometimes they give away great games, Civilization VI, and sometimes they just give away random games. This week’s free game is another good’un.

Into the Breach, from the creators of FTL, is a tactics/puzzle hybrid game that was released in 2018 and was one of our favourite strategy releases of 2018. It’s not quite the Advanced Wars successor everyone hoped it might be, but it’s still a really engaging romp where you try to defend the planet from bug-like aliens. Well worth checking out if you haven’t already, especially since it’s free.

Space Crew Release Date

You may have spotted from our recently updated Upcoming Strategy Games 2020 guide, but Bomber Crew sequel Space Crew now has a release date. You will be able to boldly go like never before come October 15th, 2020 on PC, consoles and even the Nintendo Switch. It will cost £17.99/ €19.99/ $19.99.

New Game: Tenderfoot Tactics

We spotted a new game that might be worth checking out. Tenderfoot Tactics is a low-poly open world tactical RPG where you must try and save your people from a mysterious fog. You play as a party of Goblins in a land populated by them, and each of your potential party gobbos specialise in different ways, allowing you to mix and match. There’s also no hit chances or ranges - every attack hits, and every attack does a predictable amount of damage. It’s due to release on October 21st, 2020.

New Game: The Stone of Madness

Madness? THIS. IS. Another new game to come out of the recent GamesCom-ish news blitz that’s been happening over the past week. Stone of Madness describes itself as a “hardcore real-time tactics and stealth game” set in an old Jesuit monastery in 18th century Spain. Five characters have been imprisoned there for reasons unknown, and they want out because actually the service leaves something to be desired. It’s not due out until Spring 2021 but it’s coming to PC, Nintendo Switch and then the next-gen consoles.

Humble 1C Bundle

Another week, another bundle. This time 1C is getting in on the action with a bundle of games from their catalogue. This one is a bit more difficult to parse, as 1C’s track record with game releases can sometimes be a bit spotty.

From what we can see, there’s actually really only two games worth paying attention to in this current bundle (not counting non-strategy games we don’t have much experience with) - Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark & Ancestor’s Legacy.

Fell Seal is an excellent Final Fantasy Tactics-like RPG, where Ancestor’s Legacy is a really fun historical RTS game that’s sadly under-appreciated. The only issue is to get both games you have to go straight in at the highest tier which is £13.64. Considering you’re getting two primary games and then the sixteen other items that are part of the bundle, that’s not bad, but it’s also a lot of random stuff you may not want like Codex of Victory, or Realpolitiks (which are not amazing).

And the rest…

That's all we've got for you today - if you spot any other bits of news we've missed let us know in the comments!



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