Strategy Gamer Weekend Bulletin - September 6th, 2019

By Joe Robinson 06 Sep 2019 0

As you read this I'm not actually here, which is why today's news round-up is a bit shorter than usual. I had to prepare it ahead of time and it's been a slower week for strategy games than has been previously. We spun out the Civ VI September update news as its own post on Wednesday, if you didn't catch that, and yesterday we reviewed a cool game called Fantasy General 2

Meanwhile, in the world of strategy games...

A Year of Rain Beta

You might remember I mentioned A Year of Rain during my GamesCom 2019 round-up - it's a co-op focused RTS in a similar mould to Warcraft, but with some MOBA elements thrown in. They've announced this week that registration is now open for the Closed Beta that will take-place ahead of the official early access launch later in the year. You can go here to sign up for it.

It's an interesting enough game, especially in the game that things feel familiar, and I did have fun with the co-op nature of it. Playing with someone I actually know, it might be a very unique slice of RTS/MOBA action without all the toxic competitiveness.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall Version 1.006

Vibrant 4X strategy game Age of Wonders: Planetfall has received its first major patch since releasing last month. This is the Ankylosaurus update, and headline features include scenario settings now saving correctly, and a tweak to how the ‘Share All Food’ option works in-game.

Read the full patch notes here.

Total Warhammer 2 Forts

People who know me know that I have a particular and slightly unnecessary love of Forts. Now it seems they’re coming to Total War Warhammer 2’s Mortal Empires mode as a free update that will land along with the new DLC. There’s only going to be a few of them, and they will be unique settlement types dotted around the edges of the Empire’s territory.

These Forts will all have their own unique siege maps for you to fight on, should you need to. You can read more about it here.

Endless Space 2 Awakening

When we spoke to Amplitude at GamesCom, they were keen to stress that while Humankind is their next big project, the Endless universe still had legs. Endless Legend has had all the DLC it’s going to get, but Endless Space 2 still has legs. Earlier in the week the dev studio shared information on the new expansion coming to the game - Awakening.

You can read about it here - at the time of writing there wasn’t any information regarding a release window.

That's all we've got time for this week - enjoy your weekends, and let us now what you end up playing!



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